In an effort to promote self-discovery, music sensation Goldie Luxx has just recently released her debut single titled “DRM.” The new single is a whole vibe – from her strong vocals all the way to the connection Luxx creates with her listeners in her journey to self-discovery. We had a chance to sit down with her recently to discuss the new single, the visuals, and much more.

Tell us about your debut single, “DRM.”

My single, “DRM” stands for doesn’t really matter. The concept is being unsure about life situations and being too caught up in the moment to care about it. I feel like everyone can relate to this in some type of way, whether it’s romantic, a friendship, or a relationship with a family member. It’s kind of a story following unconditional love and being deeply connected with someone.

photo by bee. The creative

What inspired the visuals of this project?

It’s the same concept, playing off of being caught up. It’s like a web. One of the lines in the song says, “You said no strings attached, so why did you build a spider web?” I kind of played off that. I wanted this video to show how it feels to be entangled with someone. Everything has a consequence, nothing goes without. It shows the attachment and slowing getting wrapped up in love.

photo by @mynameiscliche

What is the best lesson you learned along your own self-discovery journey?

I feel like something that I’m taking away from my experience and meeting new people is that you should always follow your gut. When you take on a big task, it’s okay to venture out and try out those different lanes. Right now, I’m still in college. I was thinking about this earlier, you can never really picture where you’re going to be. To me, I realized that it’s a really good thing. When you listen to your thoughts, they lead you to what will make you happier in the long run versus just doing what your past self has set up for yourself. If you follow your gut, things begin to fall into place a lot easier.

photo by Nathan James

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

For my next single, I’m working with Big Jade and we’re going to be releasing it soon. I’m super excited about that project. Also, I’m excited to work on more music. I want the music I roll out to be different from the first single that I recently dropped. I want to try new things.

photo by Brandon Hicks

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Featured Image by Brandon Hicks