29-year-old Chicago native, Amani made the big move to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend college. Not only is she passionate about her work in the non-profit sector, but she enjoys working with the youth to empower our younger generation. Before entering her journey in becoming Married at First Sight, Amani was determined to find a life partner who has ambitions in their career, will explore the world with her, and ultimately start a family. Ahead of the series premiere today, we caught up with Amani to discuss her experience and what ultimately led her to become Married at First Sight.

Amani, what were you hoping to obtain in a husband as far as characteristics?

I was hoping to be matched with a guy who is family oriented, considerate and adventurous.

What has this journey taught you all about yourselves?

This journey has taught me the value of knowing who you are before entering a new relationship. I needed to take time to appreciate what I had to offer so that I could remain confident in showing a stranger who I really was. I also learned to perfect the art of communication. Everyone has to be communicated with differently even though the basics are the same. I had to learn how to communicate with my husband in a way that he could understand me and also in a way that allowed my position to still be heard and valued. 

What can we expect to see this season of Married at First Sight?

This season of MAFS will definitely be a whole lot of black love highlights. You’ll see us challenging ideas of what we thought marriage was based on false perceptions, but mainly you’ll see us taking the time (and Covid-19 forcing us to take extra time) to get to know why the experts would put certain individuals together. 

Married at First Sight Heads to “The Big Easy” premieres tonight, July 15th at 8PM EST on Lifetime.

Featured Image by Mike Lirette Photography