A member of the viral ‘Players Choir’ from “ America’s Got Talent”, Joe Barksdale has just released his newest album, “Yours Truly” today on all streaming platforms. With the success of his latest single, “My Angel” being awarded the “Best of North America” Blues Category for the InterContinental Music Awards, fans can anticipate a range of uniquely satisfying sounds featuring Barksdale’s smooth vocals and genre-fusing style. The album boasts 16 tracks blending blues, soul, jazz, and rock, with Barksdale handling guitar, electronic drums, and lead vocals.

“I’m very excited about this album release. For me, it’s a lighthouse in the darkness so that I, and the people like me, can find our way home. It’s the most honest I’ve ever been about not just my art but my life in general, especially track #1.”

Barksdale recently appeared on the hit tv show “America’s Got Talent” with the NFL Players Choir. The choir, composed of current and former NFL Players had audiences and celebrities like Justin Timberlake praising their performance of “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

Barksdale has been diagnosed with autism and for the past few years been a huge advocate for mental health awareness. In interviews, he also mentioned how music has been a safe place to express his feelings. He says, “I’m very excited about this album release. I know that people don’t know the whole story, but I REALLY had to fight every day during 2020 to not kill myself after leaving the NFL to pursue music – just for a pandemic to shut those plans down.” He continues, “I thought that I made a mistake. I talked crazy to myself constantly. On top of all that I never stopped hating myself from childhood. This album, for me, is a lighthouse in the darkness so that I, and the people like me, can find our way home. Or at the very least know what direction to go in.”

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