If there’s one thing you can expect from Amina Buddafly, it’s the fact that she’s going to sing! 

On Thursday, the Love & Hip Hop star hosted a super intimate listening at a recording studio in Burbank, California, previewing her highly-anticipated new album titled 4.0. Sheen had the pleasure of attending, welcomed by Amina and her two beautiful daughters. 

One of Amina’s favorite things to do once she’s done with her album, is to order all the songs. This project clocks in at 15 tracks, with features from Cory Gunz and her twin sister Jazz Buddafly. 

This project follows the release of her last album, After Dark, released in 2019. And if there’s one thing fans can expect, it’s growth. 

She named the project 4.0 because it’s her fourth album, releasing on her 40th birthday on Tuesday April 18th. In describing the album, she uses the words “strong, confident, and powerful.” This is her strength album, a reflection of where she’s at in life. 

The intro track, “M.C.C.”, serves as the project’s lead single. Her favorite track sits at #8, titled “All In My Head,” being that 8 is her favorite number. The last track, “Do Better,” is inspired by her boyfriend Jerry. 

As always, Amina’s music is inspired by her past and current relationships. Amina states, “Everything’s more intentional.”

Photo Credits: Harmony Gerber