In the human service profession you hear the term S.W.O.T. Analysis all of the time. Here’s the breakdown:

S = Strengths

W = Weaknesses

O = Opportunities

T = Threats

In the professional world, many agencies or organizations use this method to breakdown their strategic plans. What if I told you that this could also be useful in your everyday life? Hmmmm.

Similar to a vision board, a S.W.O.T. Analysis can be useful to help you get your shit together! Yes, I said it.  Breaking down your assets in your personal life can help you better maintain or manage your wellbeing. Sometimes we can be all over the place. We are mothers, wives, professionals, entrepreneurs and so much more. So we have to use strategic methods to maintain some sort of organization.

Have you ever had a job interview? The interviewer often asks, “What are your strengths?” or “What are your weaknesses?” So it’s vital to actually examine those assets beforehand. Go one step further and even post your S.W.O.T. Analysis on your bedroom wall next to your vision board. As you physically see the analysis on a daily basis you’re more keen to making a change.

This doesn’t have to be fancy either. Nah! You can write out your analysis on a template or chart; or even on sticky notes. So use this quarantine time to write out your vision and make it happen, one opportunity at a time.  I’m rooting for you!

Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one, author, social worker, early literacy coach and entrepreneur.

Featured Image obtained from Medium