How are you going to experience peace when you are constantly looking for reasons to stay angry?
Life happens; but some individuals love manufacturing drama. It is as if they cannot exist without something negative happening in their life. Even worse, they seem to always be the victim of those negative plots they took out on people who do not care about them. Yeah, we all know who they are around us because they cross our paths every day. They are annoying, fractured human beings who take no accountability for their life decisions, but want others to pay for their lack of happiness. A natural complainer they are, even when things are going well. They hate to see other people happy and smiling. It is as if this fuels their anger because their life is upside down and they do not know how to change it. I see it every day, unhappy people walking around as if the world has been placed on their shoulders. Acting as if the entire world is victimizing them at the same time.
Here is a newsflash. The only reason the world is on their shoulders is because they went looking for it and placed it there themselves. Angry people are everywhere on your job, living next door to you, in your church, and —oh gosh—within your family. Being around them can make you feel like all hope is gone and make you want to fight someone. I know a few people like this within my own family and in my neighborhood. I avoid them like the plague. A nice hello upsets them. I have come to realize angry people have no peace, even on a beautiful sunny day.Can an angry person experience peace?

Sure, they can, but they have to want it like everything else. This is difficult for them to do if the angry person is going around pointing fingers at everyone for the drama he or she causes in their life. Some people just want to stay mad at the world and everyone in it. Not having peace has more to do with their state of mind and them not taking accountability for their life. Peace of mind is available to everyone. It is something you create for yourself and those you love. Making the decision to live in peace is not something difficult to do—trust me. Just like you can decide to be angry day after day, you can decide to be in a state of mental and emotional peace that resonates with and within you. The world is stressful enough, so why add to that with being mad at life.
If you are an angry person, find out what you need to do to bring you and those around you peace of mind and do it. The only thing that stops a person from experiencing peace is their way of thinking. If you are not where you want to be in life, find out how to get there and do the work. Most angry people ignite their anger when they do not feel successful. This leads to them walking around jealous of you and everyone like you that got the work done to be where you are in life. As they did not. That is what my husband like to call a YP not an MP—your problem, not my problem!
Take accountability and have peace of mind
Stop being angry and take accountability of your own happiness. No one is responsible for making you smile in the morning. So pull yourself together and fix what is going on inside of you. We all would like to travel back in time to change a few things. However, that is not possible, so build from today. You will never be happy if you are not honest with yourself. Facts! If you need a new career, then find out what you want to do and get to work. Stop blaming other people for your lack of effort and poor attitude.
Trying to make other people look bad is just a reflection of how some angry people see themselves. They try to reduce that other person to their level. What they do not know is that you cannot take away someone’s “shine”, if that person takes accountability and knows what they must do to stay balanced and focused.
Most of all stop looking for  fights. Look within if you want to make positive changes that will impact your life and those around you. Fighting others and the world around you will not improve your life in any way, but will keep you stuck and beaten down. Have some respect for those around you because you can learn a lot from them, angry person. We are all growing every day, and there is nothing like learning ways to improve your life. This is why I wrote Breakthrough, a great book to read if you want to understand how to become the greatest version of yourself, as well as how to deal with life’s disappointments.
In the end, moving out of the angry mindset and bad behavior is the only way to kickstart the peace of mind you want to experience. Be ready to take full accountability of your life, emotions, and feelings. If you want peace of mind as much as you want to be angry, you can have it. Stop seeking to bring out the worse in people to feel better about yourself. Know your worth and  do things that will feed your spirit and bring you happiness instead of disappointments. We are all responsible for finding peace of mind on our own; everyone’s journey, wants, and needs are different.