Embarking on her journey from a personal interest in numbers to becoming a sought-after tax professional, Anika Williams has transformed her passion into a thriving career. From handling family members’ taxes to building a substantial client base through referrals, Anika’s dedication to educating and empowering her clients sets her apart. The challenges of staying current with tax laws and managing client expectations haven’t deterred her; instead, she thrives on continuous education and open communication. Anika’s story is a testament to the power of passion, education, and a commitment to excellence in the dynamic world of taxation.


Can you share your journey and what led you to become a tax professional? What was it like before entering the tax industry? 

I have always liked math and numbers, so I started preparing my taxes years ago. Soon, various family members hired me to do their taxes as well. Consequently, I was referred to other clients who were family friends. After a few years, I had a substantial number of clients. Each year, that number increased. My clients’ positive feedback and results drove me to pursue a more rewarding career as a tax professional to ensure my people were educated about their taxes instead of just getting a number.

Before entering the tax industry, my career path centered on full-time employment. Venturing into taxation brought about a change in my daily responsibilities. It required a deep dive into tax laws, financial analysis, and compliance matters. It was a transition that expanded my skillset and professional expertise.


What are some of the most common challenges you face as a tax professional in your daily work, and how do you overcome them? 

My most common challenges include staying updated on tax laws, managing clients’ expectations, and handling complex regulations. To overcome these obstacles, I often engage in continuous education, use tax software for accuracy, maintain clear communication with clients, and seek guidance when needed. 

What advice would you give to individuals considering a career in tax or finance based on your own experiences and lessons learned? 

My best advice to someone seeking this career is: get a mentor, gain a solid educational foundation, stay updated on industry trends, network, invest in the software needed so that you can accommodate your clients, be available to answer any questions, but also set limits so that your customers respect your boundaries. Always remain teachable.

How do you stay current with the ever-changing tax laws and regulations, and how important is ongoing education in your field? 

I engage in continuous education through seminars, workshops, and courses. Ongoing education is vital in the tax field to ensure accurate and compliant practices, as tax laws can change frequently. 

Based on your expertise, can you share some valuable tax planning tips or insights that individuals and businesses can benefit from? 

For individuals, optimizing deductions, utilizing tax-efficient investment strategies, and staying organized with financial records can enhance tax planning. Businesses can benefit from effective expense management, exploring tax credits and incentives, and staying informed about changes in the tax laws that could impact operations. Regular communication with tax advisors and a proactive approach to tax planning contributes to maximizing benefits and minimizing liabilities for both individuals and businesses.

Where can viewers find out more about Anika?

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Photo credit: Sederrick Raphiel