Anje Collins is a veteran in the entertainment industry, doing publicity for over two decades. Now, she’s excited as ever to be launching her new Rogers Pearson FW23 collection for the world to see, shop, and enjoy. 

Rogers Pearson is the combination of both Anje and her partner Brian Pearson’s last names. Having worked together tirelessly for 9 months in preparation for this launch, it was only right they celebrated by inviting friends and family to preview the new collection before it dropped.

On Saturday, August 5th, the high-end footwear and accessories brand hosted an invite-only black carpet affair on a beautiful rooftop in downtown Los Angeles. Guests were welcomed with an open bar, delicious bites, Sprinkles cupcakes, and even a pair of sunglasses to take home. Select items from handbags to men’s and women’s shoes were delicately placed all over the space, giving attendees a front-row seat to what’s to come.

Anje Collins states, “This means everything to me, especially because I was a publicist for how long: 35, 36 years? Too long. [laughs] To do something that I love really makes sense to me. When I thought about creating this collection, I wanted to make sure that comfort was key. Each shoe has a Nike insole so that way you can wear them all night long. I created different kinds of heels because I broke my ankle in 2019, and I can’t wear stilettos anymore. I still wanted to be fashionable because I don’t want to  wear no damn kitten here, so I created funky heels so that way I can keep balance on them.”

With the brand’s motto being “Luxury is Silent,” every piece is handcrafted in Italy and Spain. 

“I will tell you, this is roughly nine months of really hard work,” Brian Person states. “Actually, longer than that. It’s a vision of Anje. She’s the heart and soul of Rogers Pearson. I came in to help her and to support her, I saw the vision 100% bought into it. We’re here to create a lifestyle, luxury brand that is upscale, very forward focus in terms of fashion. Great comfort, and safety features as well. But more importantly, great style with 100% leather products. 

No faux leather or vegan leather, any of that stuff. It’s going to be real top-quality items that are sourced over in Italy and Spain. We’re doing this thing!”

Images provided by Shirley Ju & The Rebillion Agency.