Anna Lugo is a prayer warrior, a single mother, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a retired IT professional, and a daughter of the highest king, and she proudly calls herself a child of God. In addition to this, she is the business owner of Pure Tea Love and Pure CBD Luv. Furthermore, she is a Tea’V Host on EveryDay Woman TV Network and hosts a show called “We Have A Tea For That.”

Being a Wonder Woman, she also manages a Facebook page called “Up2UGod”. Anna organically created this page 10 years ago, and this is where she shares a word of encouragement daily. Anna’s page recently reached 2.7 million souls within a month. 

“I am extremely blessed that God is using me in this way. I am also a license plate whisper and have seen hundreds of Spiritual Plates. 

I love posting these plates with music on my UP2UGOD’ TikTok page. My Motto in Life is, “I’m Too Blessed To Be Stressed,” and If It’s To Be’ It’s Up To Me’. My goal is If I can encourage, inspire, or motivate at least one person a day, I’ve accomplished my goal.”

Anna became a TV Host and launched her Tea’V Show on the Everyday Woman TV Network called, “We Have A Tea For That… Positivi-Tea! 

“If you watch our episodes, you will see my supporters. It takes Tea’M work and a group of committed individuals to make the Dream work. 

Yes, We Have A Tea for That … Alot of Tea’s!! Tranquili-Tea, Creativi-Tea, Loyal-Tea, Integri-Tea, Simplici-Tea, Curiosi-Tea, Proseri-Tea, Sereini-Tea, Responsibili-Tea, Accountabili-Tea, Diversi-Tea, Possibiliti-Tea, Opportuni-Tea, Sinceri-Tea, Longivi-Tea, Royal-Tea, Generosi-Tea, Vitali-Tea, Communi-Tea, Clarit-Tea, and Chari-Tea’s.”

Everyday Woman TV is a platform where a Communi-Tea’ of “Women Inspire Women.” It is a safe place where you can come out of hiding and share your gifts, talents, skills, and passions—a place where you are supported and surrounded by like-minded women. 

“I appreciate the Opportuni-Tea that Galit & Angela, the founders of Everyday Woman TV, have given me. It is by standing on the shoulders of giants that we can elevate to the next level.”

After working in the technology sector for over 40 years, Anna let go of the corporate world on Friday 13th, 2020. Later that year, on 11/11, she decided to launch her first company, and ‘Pure CBD Luv’ was born. 

“Our slogan is “We Are HEALERS NOT DEALERS… CBD is Hope Not Dope!!”. I started taking CBD due to experiencing major anxiety when my daughter was in a horrific car accident. The only relief I could find at that time was CBD. I never imagined I would be in the Cannabis industry. But here I Am.”

Anna launched Pure Tea Love on 2/22/22 in honor of her papa’s birthday. Pure Tea Love has a vast range of teas consisting of ‘I am Love,’ ‘I am Peace,’ ‘I Am Joy,’ ‘I am Energy’, ‘I am Merry,’ and ‘I Am Bliss’. Their teas are much more than just affirmations. They are good for you and offer many health benefits. 

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Anna Lugo