The Annual PMU WOC a conference designed by women or color for women of color. Join us in Cancun, Mexico at Planet Hollywood Punta Cana, Mexico on June 24-27, 2024 for an EXPERIENCE hosted by the Creators of @PMUWomenofColorConference — a luxurious three-day experience filled with learning, networking, community building and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the world of permanent makeup, this experience is perfect for you.

Get ready to hear from industry experts, attend hands-on workshops, a luxurious experience to learn in paradise and discover the latest trends and techniques in the world of permanent makeup. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with renowned artists and elevate your skills.

A special highlight this year was the enlarged Permanent Beauty Area, which provided a deep dive into the latest Permanent Make-Up techniques and trends complete with live demonstrations, exhibitions, an award ceremony and lectures. Professionalism is a key buzzword in the BEAUTY industry and especially so in the growth market of Permanent Make-up; which is why the PMU area was put on an even broader basis to ensure professional-driven knowledge transfer and more transparency and neutrality. This went down very well with the audience.

Over 25+ diverse speakers and expert panel discussions. Plenty of room for continuous education, top performances and networking. The five sector stages – which offered a varied, practice-oriented supporting programs with over 100 plus attendees, extensive continuous education possibilities in the areas of SKIN, NAILS, FEET, PMU and beauty business – will be well attended. The colorful line-up of events at the Meeting Point with its exciting competition finals, recognition awards and talks, again made for a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.

The partners of PMU WOC will showcase the best in the permanent makeup industry. Attendees will enjoy three inspiring days of exchange and innovation that confirms how indispensable personal encounters are for development and growth. The Annual PMU Conference commitment and the quality of the programming formed an accomplished setting for all participants. The positive general mood among visitors confirmed the resilience of professional cosmetics despite many challenges.”

“For years, women of color have been kept out of these spaces especially a billion dollar industry such as permanent makeup. I want to change that and provide equity and access to other women of color who share my story” says Jenny Lind, Brow Expert/ and Founder of PMU WOC.

The next PMU WOC will be held in Miami Florida June 2025.

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