A publicist is a talent’s best friend and Blupublicist knows the good and bad of this industry. He decided to share his story and wants everyone to know that he’s out here working in these mean streets.

How did you become a publicist?

Such a funny story, after a couple of music placements on WordStar “Darkskintheplug (Devon) sat me down and spoke to me about becoming a publicist. I just love being able to change artist lifestyle by my hard work. Six years ago, I didn’t even know what a publicist was, but now I’m in the peak of mastering the craft. 

What’s one rule all publicist need to remember when working with a client?

The number one rule that I’ve learnt so far, is to attend to your client and their wants. A good publicist will do exactly what you want to the end. An exemplary publicist will go above and beyond getting your tea and writing notes down during interviews. Stuff like that just knowing your client, even as far as if the stylist brings the wrong color clothing items you should be able to know if your client will like that particular item or not. 

Break down the difference in Brand Management & PR?

Well, many people get these two titles and careers confused so often; PR is about managing relationships while branding is centered on creating an identity.  On the other hand, branding is designed to create an identity for an organization or product. But artist and label need publicist as well!

Who’s some of your notable clients?

Some of the notable clients most recently was Raz B, he is an amazing multiplatinum selling artist from the group B2K. I produced a music video for him and facilitated a photo shoot. Also, names like Ray J, SSG Splurge, LilCJKasnio, Dgulley,

Joyner Lucas & a couple of others through my mentor.

Has the PR game change since you 1st started?

Yes, since being on the Clubhouse app, I feel like it has shaken the foundation of PR in a good way. It has allowed more independent artist to rise/ be seen and I love that! I was missing out on so much talent. So, any artist that are interested in working, make sure to contact @blupublicist on Instagram and let’s start work immediately!