When it comes to fashion, the industry is constantly changing, with new trends emerging every season. However, some individuals prefer a different approach to style: they focus on timeless designs that will always look chic, no matter the season. Anya Abramyan, founder and creative director of Antheia, is one such individual.

Antheia is a new luxury brand that redefines timeless fashion for women. What sets this brand apart is the founder’s unique style philosophy. Anya has not come up through the fashion industry in a conventional manner, but she has altered her clothes and created her own designs from a young age. Her studies in art history complement and contextualize the work that occupies the greater part of her day.

Since childhood, Anya has been interested in style but not in the endless gyre of changing trends. Instead, she is fascinated by the fusion of aesthetic elements into a gestalt greater than any of the parts that went into its composition. For Anya, style means conveying spiritual values to the sensing, feeling, and emoting part of the brain. This conviction inspired her to develop Antheia as a brand whose aesthetic style expresses her deeply held faith in the feminine power that lies dormant in every woman.

In an industry where brands are ever chasing the latest trends, Antheia focuses on classic, timeless designs that embody the founder’s unique philosophy. The goal is for the clothes to flatter women’s bodies rather than their bodies flatter the clothes. Antheia’s first collection reflects this philosophy with its feminine designs that accentuate the beauty of a woman’s body. Anya’s artistic eye has also inspired her to create versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple seasons.

Antheia’s first collection represents the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The brand values the environment and the impact that the fashion industry has on it. To this end, Antheia uses high-quality materials in limited collections of timeless, multi-seasonal designs. The fashion label aims to continue its advance down the path to sustainability and hopes to inspire other brands to do the same.

Antheia seeks to share its vision and unite women of common character rather than just common taste. The brand believes that fashion should bring people together and not create division. By gathering like-minded women who share the brand’s values, it hopes to become more than the sum of its parts.

Antheia’s designs are intended to serve the unique beauty of women’s bodies to ignite the essence of women’s powerful femininity. The brand believes that its clothes are not an expense but an investment. Antheia’s timeless designs will never go out of style, and their classic outfits are made using high-quality materials that will last decades. From the stitching to the fabric to the buttons, every aspect of Antheia’s clothes is carefully considered and chosen for its quality and longevity. This brand’s clothes are not meant to be disposable but to be cherished and worn for years. So if you’re looking for classic, timeless designs that will never go out of style, Antheia is the new luxury brand for you.