Little luxuries like fresh manicures make me happy. And getting my nails done religiously for years has groomed me into an unofficial nail connoisseur, with my fair share of nail trends, extensions, and processes. As one of my favorite ways to accessorize and self-care, I’ve found that polishing with gels particularly has the longevity and delicacy that I desire. And for prestige gel formulas and even longer-lasting colors, we’re turning to innovative and leading nail brand, Aprés Nail.

Pioneer in the world’s first, soak-off soft gel nail extension technology and the creator of Gel-X Extensions, Aprés Nail is setting the standard. With a mission to break the habit of fast nail fashion and pave the way for compelling change in the professional nail industry, Aprés Nail is doing just that and more to deliver the best quality, consistency, and innovation.

Gel polish elevated, is the newly launched Aprés Gel Couleur collection by Aprés Nail that features an assortment of 100 versatile shades…and counting! Aprés Nail blends high-quality formulas with eye-catching colors ranging from soft pastels to vibrant neons for every skin tone. Plus, the company introduced Brush-X: a new, convenient tool for pros and a helpful aid for at-home users. Made of PBT fibers, the Brush-X is a denser, more compact brush that creates an easier, smoother, and more precise color application. Users can also get more coats per bottle as the brush allows the applicator to use less gel to get full opacity.

“Our Aprés Gel Couleur collection was designed to be an inclusive, all-encompassing get polish line,” says Eunice Park, Aprés Nail’s Research & Development Manager. “The pigments from the collection are both smooth enough for one color and opaque enough for nail art giving you the freedom and flexibility to create art without limits.” Aprés Gel Couleur offers a smooth, highly-pigmented pure gel formula that provides streak-free color payoff in just one to two coats.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an Aprés Gel Couleur polish, and once I did, I sped over to the salon to soak off my old french manicure. With so many choices, and no time to waste, I handpicked We Wheat Again (a creamy, baby pink) and Vitamin Sea– my personal favorite.

Is it yellow? Is it green? Is it white? Whatever it is, this milky, pastel gel couleur is striking, ethereal, and sophisticated all at once. And as someone who doesn’t stray too far away from whites and nudes, Vitamin Sea gives me a tasteful pop of color and it’s perfect minimalists. This shade is my little taste of summer this winter, and it scores me constant compliments.

Wanting a professional opinion, I put these polishes to the test with my trusted nail tech. Not only did my manicure and pedicure come out beautifully, but my nail tech absolutely loved these Aprés Gel Couleur polishes. “I can see that this is quality because it’s so rich, and you don’t need a lot of coats,” she tells me as she applies Aprés Nail’s Vitamin Sea to my fingernails. “And this brush is really good.”

My nail tech applied a clear base coat first, then two coats of the gel couleur. She cured after each coat with LED lamps, then sealed the deal with a top coat. For best results, apply thin layers of color for even curing. The less the better! If too much gel is used, the formula may bubble and wrinkle. For Gel-X, Aprés Nail recommends prepping the Gel-X Tips with Gel-X Prep or acetone, first.

These premium gel polishes last 3-4 weeks, and I was able to go 4 full weeks without any chipping. My nails grow quick, so after the second week my natural nail growth started to peek through, but that didn’t stop me from going another 2 weeks. And Aprés Nail doesn’t want to stop you from polishing your nails in the comfort of your own home. The brand offers a variety of LED Lamps to cure the Aprés Gel Couleur shades from the collection. The X-Lite is a rechargeable, cordless, LED light that’s compact and a great choice for at-home applications.

Which colors are you choosing?

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