When only the best and  innovative photographer will work for your important event, headshot, album cover, product shot or magazine shoot – Atlanta-based FYE Images is a sure choice for success.

Celebrity photographers at their finest, FYE Images are so much more than your normal photographers. Jay Runna  elevates your photo shoot, so your professional images stand out and let you shine!

Can you tell us about your company? What does FYE stand for?

FYE Images is an innovative and creative photography and videography firm based in Atlanta, which was originally formed in Orlando four years ago. We specialize in capturing lifestyle, candid portraits, private events, corporate events, and products and brands such as Hennessy. FYE stands for “Finding Your Elevation. “We believe we can help our clients elevate with the content we capture, whether they are a celebrity or not.”

Who have been some of your favorite clients/celebrity clients you’ve worked with?

Grammy Award winning songwriter Kevin Cossom, Grammy Award winner AYO & Kezy of UCMG (producer duo of Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song “WAP”). Also, Pretty Vee, Mr. Hanky, J. Young MDK, Wolfpack Music Group, Renni Rucci, Alexis Sky, Street Execs, 2Chainz, AMB, DJ T. Lewis (Lil Wayne’s DJ), DJ Infamous (Ludacris DJ), and, most recently, Emmy-nominated Jean Elie from the HBO hit series ‘Insecure’…. that’s just to name a few.

Who would you like to work with?

Would love to work with Diddy and The Bad Boy Enterprise, Revolt, Cam Newton, Odell Beckham, Jr., Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Maybach Empire, Tidal, BET Network, E-News, Tyler Perry, and other various magazines and entertainment platforms.

What are some must-haves for you no matter where you are going to be working?

Headphones so I can have music and get in the zone. Bluetooth speaker, iPhone and iPad to transfer photos immediately.

What professional photographers have influenced your work, and how do you incorporate their techniques into your photographs?

I got my creative inspiration from my father, who is a painter. Also, Director X because he crosses into so many lanes. He has directed and produced hundreds of classic music videos like Aaliyah and DMX’s “Back in One Piece” from the Romeo Must Die soundtrack. He’s also worked on several successful feature films. I draw inspiration from a lot of different places, but most importantly, I aspire to be better and I am very self-motivated. I aim to outwork others in order to be the best that I can be and always compete with my last work.

What details do you believe make the best photographs?

Capturing candid moments, getting a great action shot, playing with natural light or venue lights – these things make great photos.

At what moment did you know your business was going to be such a success?

I began to see business transitions once celebrities started reposting and direct messaging me via Instagram and when TMZ began reaching out, etc.

What’s in store for the future for FYE Images?

We will be highlighting private events and tours that elevate our business. We also hope to dominate different aspects of lifestyle portraits with innovative imaging.

How do you think the industry will change post-COVID, and what advice would you give other businesses such as yours to stay afloat?

As our company continues to grow, we will now focus exclusively on the concept we provide. Our Atlanta market has surpassed the circumstances of COVID-19 because of our ability to find innovative ways to cater to our clients in a safe and creative way.

For the finest photos and videography, FYE Images are masters in the art of photography. Their work excels above the competition and is the perfect choice for athletes, celebrities, and those who demand the best.

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Featured Image courtesy of FYE Images