Have you ever been in a good mood and someone out of the blue says something that just put you in an unhappy place? Could it be that your positive vibration bothered them, and they did not want to see you happy? People who love anything negative, including negative thinking, don’t like seeing you happy. I like to call them energy vampires. They have the worst attitude and see darkness in everything. They take from others and give little to nothing in return leaving you sad if not depressed. Instead of sharing with you their positive experiences, they beat you down mentally and emotionally with everything that’s wrong in their life. Talking to them is impossible because no matter how much you try to encourage them, they will always find a way to see no way out of their situation. If you find it in you to try and help them to think positively, energy vampires will go out of their way to challenge you and your positive perspective. Energy vampires love making you uncomfortable with the negative things in their life, knowing that it drains you of your energy. The only way to handle people like this—who are in your life just to tell you the negative stories of their life—is to remove them from your life. You may not be the type of person that needs constant encouragement from others, but those who do can leave you with no positive energy left.

Be careful—since the people who are the closest to you can take their problems out on you if they see that you are always happy. If you find yourself in the position where your energy is been drained because of someone and their negative energy, you must pull away from them. Recharge yourself by thinking positively, and being around more positive people.

How to identify an energy vampire

Do the following characteristics seem familiar?

  • Overly critical.
  • Seek to find fault in others. 
  • Chronic complainers.
  • Argumentative 
  • Does not take accountability for their actions and/or behavior.
  • Does not accept responsibility. 
  • Chronic blaming of everyone, but themselves, for life issues. 

If you think you can help an energy vampire change their ways, think again. No matter what you do or say to help them change their negative vibe, they will all ways seek to bring you down with negative conversations, topics, stories, ideas, and problems in their life. Your listening to them and wanting to help is how they steal your energy. After stealing your positive energy, they will seek to control what you think and feel. In the beginning of dealing with someone who is an energy vampire, they will portray a positive energy until you talk to them and get to know them. Suddenly everything becomes negative. It’s easy to know if you are dealing with an energy vampire because your energy will start to change and you will find that you are tired, drained if not depressed with or without them around you. If you find that you are not in the happy positive energetic space you are normally in than you are dealing with energy vampires and must limit your time around them.

Noticing how you feel right after dealing with an energy vampire is the key to not allowing them to steal your positive energy whenever they are around you. Dealing with these types of people not only affects you mentally but physically as well. Energy vampires can leave you with muscle tension, loss of energy, headaches, irritability, sadness, and mental confusion.

Things you can do to stop the loss of your energy to a negative person or energy vampire in your life.

  1. Cut off contact.
  2. Don’t allow them to pull you into their problems. 
  3. Stay focused on your own goals. 
  4. Stay positive. 

A person must be willing to help themselves before you can help them. Unhappy people who love talking about the negative problems and issues in their life rather than doing anything to change it will not only take up your time but also your positive energy. Always surround yourself with like minded and positive individuals who seek positive change.

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