Model and influencer Ariana Fletcher has promoted her social media presence to influence the world of beauty lovers and trendsetters. Forging her own path into the beauty industry, the Macro Influencer has added an inclusive makeup line, Remedy by Ari, to her multi-million-dollar brand.  

Remedy by Ari is fueled by Ari Fletcher’s Insatiable personal belief in the power of beauty and self-care. The Luxury brand is giving all beauty lovers the recipe to promote your best of the best day and the remedy to beat the worse days, but no matter what, each day will exude self-confidence.

Remedy by Ari is embracing every beauty queen’s motto “The key to self-confidence is to feel good, and when you look good, you feel GOOD.” 

This highly anticipated makeup launch is vegan and cruelty-free products suitable for real-life beauty routines. Consider Remedy by Ari the ultimate “It” girl starter kit which compacts ten moisturizing formulated with shea butter Lip glosses; eight smudge-proof matte opulent lip liners that enhance the fullness of the lip; and one highly pigmented, rose tones natural shades eyeshadow palette. 

Following Remedy by Ari, an exclusive global launch on August 26th, products have been reported to have sold out. Be on alert for the restock of all products and prepare your beauty remedy by searching