The world as we know it shifted dramatically over a year ago when we faced our new reality. The word pandemic is now laced in every sentence and thought as we travel throughout each day. Artist Tomya Henderson has taken this moment to cultivate creative outlets for all. She specializes in acrylic painting, pencil sketch work, and photography, through each piece, she’s able to connect with viewers from all walks of life. Henderson’s work is more than just something on a canvas, it always provokes emotion, light, and clarity.

In October of 2020, she wanted to share her gift with everyone – Art 2 Tea was birthed. An interactive experience that allows you the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your own, whether you deem yourself an artist or not. Tomya ensured she connected with her guests as she provided you with a blank, a brush, paint, and of course, tea. Having the experience was ultimately what I personally needed to know that creativity isn’t attached to your degree of artistic ability, but what you can invasion. I recently chatted with the artistic mastermind to find out how she got her start, her beauty go-to, and so much more!

 At what moment did you know you were an artist? Give us full deets.

When my family continued to push me and support my art, they continued to buy me art supplies while I was growing up, so that gave me the ability to become self-taught.

Describe the outlet that being an artist provides for you.

I am able to connect and disconnect from reality when I’m working on pieces, they receive my undivided attention, and I’m able to practice discipline.

Art holds power on so many different levels, what power has your audience gotten from your work?

It gives people the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

Share a day in your life when you’re working on a new project?

If it’s a nice day, I usually go outside and stand in the sun and recharge, then I get my creative juices flowing by incorporating music, candles, and snacks while brainstorming.

Speaking of art, you’re a masterpiece of your own as a model – how do you incorporate artistic movements in your modeling?

I get the same feeling I feel when I model as I do when I paint/draw, so I allow the energy to permeate throughout my body.

If you’re rushing out of the house for an event (covid-friendly), what is the go-to beauty product that you’re grabbing?

Definitely my lipstick.

How does your energy impact your painting? 

I usually paint based on my current moods and behaviors.

You’ve made art into a gathering of individuals of all who aren’t all artistically inclined, why did you think there was a need for this event to happen?

I did this during the height of the pandemic because I knew that other people as well as myself were going through a difficult time mentally. I know art therapy is a great way to express your inner thoughts and emotions. I also believe anyone can be an artist, as long as they are willing to put their creative abilities to work.

What can we expect from you?

A lot of personal pieces, as well as more Art 2 The Tea event.

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Images by Aeography/Artwork provided by Tomya Henderson