Author turned filmmaker, David Marcus, initially found his success in the automobile industry.  However, the 2008 recession shed the new light on David becoming an author.  He began his writing career with indie publishing three novels to date.  From there he began screenwriting which led to co-founding Wise Men Productions with his business partner, Antwan Chambers.  With inspiration from celebrity filmmakers such as Spike Lee, David set out to bring his own thought provoking film to the big screen.  

“I constantly strive to make entertainment with a purpose,” stated David Marcus.  His film debut of “Walk in my Shoes” portrays a married couple who seek assistance from an unorthodox marriage counselor.  The counselor, Dr. Ouch, then requires the couple to agree to a mentality switch and the couple learns what it’s like to walk in the other partner’s shoes.  David successfully portrayed his vision of people learning to have empathy for the opposite sex.  He set out to illustrate the art of accountability within a society in which finger pointing is popular.

Wise Men Productions will soon begin their next film project of “Life of an Alpha Male.”  The current film of Walk in my Shoes is also seeking new screening opportunities and distribution deals.  David is striving to showcase talented artists while creating thought provoking projects.  To connect with David Lloyd Marcus you can follow @davidl.marcus and @wisemenproductions on all social media platforms; and also on YouTube.


Featured Image by Gary Fields Jr. Founding Photography & CEO