An interview with an inspiring artist who shared how he found himself with his brush. 

What does art mean to you?

My definition of art is the beauty and the creativity of all my eyes can behold. I see the world very differently from the average person. Everything that is before me is an object waiting to have an artistic world created for it no matter of its presence. It is that creativity that gives me the most profound happiness of being a visual artist. Taking a step back and looking at what I have created. With the mind, the eyes, and hands that God has given me.

How do you find purpose in art?

It is almost like knowing how God felt when he created all I see. There is nothing else in life that I would rather do or be.

Tell me about yourself?

I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina and from a young age I knew what I wanted to do, and I found purpose while defining my identity. But life has many turns and corners. Many of us get sidetracked from our childhood dreams. One day I was drawing pictures out of a magazine and someone came to me and said something about creativity. At first, I did not understand what he meant. But it did not take exceptionally long after that moment that I begin to see my creative juices flowing. From that point I had a direct relationship with what creativity is – a sense of connected that made me grow stronger as my art developed.

In this world everyone has a gift to share, mine is art! It is the most important element that is within all of us – finding our sense of purpose. No matter what is your profession you must have creativity to achieve and move forward in life. That creativity allows you to maneuver over and around obstacles in life to solve problems.

Do you find happiness in your art?

I enjoy the fact that I can make others happy with my creativity,  Many people have complimented me on my art and then they say’’  Richard you’re not artist’’ You s can draw straight lines. I am still trying to figure out what that means. There is only one profession that draw straight lines 90% of the time and art is not made of straight lines – that much I know.

What is an artistic message you can give to anyone reading this?

Life is not a straight line nor is it black or white. It is dynamic and ever evolving. It is colorful like my palette.  Nature is not straight. God did not create straight lines. We are all artists – simply different paths of it. But to know the true joy that I get from my art is this. I enjoy donating my portrait to hospice. There is no better feeling in the world than that of giving back. When I prepare my charity portraits I try to eliminate as much negative feelings I can for the viewer. I want them to see hope every time they look at my art. I try to create art that can be memorable and offer an escape if need be. However, if someone requests a heavy setting, I will try to put myself in the perspective of the delivery.

I have donated art pieces to people in their final stages of their journey and if one person is able to view my portrait before their transition along in the crossover from life to the beyond. Maybe it can offer deliverance and bring them to a point of asking for repentance.

 My gift to this world is my art and how far I can push myself to be as creative as I can with the messages and emotions, I evoke with my art and I am Richard Lowry behind the brush

Where can we find you?

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All images by Richard Lowry