For the past two years, Artis has absolutely killed it with the holiday collections they’ve released.

In 2018 and 2019, the popular beauty brush brand released a diamond-encrusted version of their highly popular, Elite Oval 7 Brush. This year’s holiday collection is nothing short of glamorous.

There are two new brushes – the Translucent Crystal Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush and the Red Crystal Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush.

There is even an Emerald Crystal Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush in Emerald for $200. It features green cushion-cut Swarovski crystal surrounded by oval and round white stones. My personal favorite from the collection is the large travel case!

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We believe that beauty has the power to transform, whether that's your look, your space or your mindset. With that in mind, we’ve put a sparkling twist on one of our best-selling, fan favorite brushes. This holiday season, we’re offering three limited-edition versions of our iconic Elite Oval 7 brush, each encrusted with a unique design of Swarovski crystals. We hope that whenever you look in the mirror to apply your moisturizer, foundation or blush, these one-of-a-kind crystal designs put a smile on your face and transport you to a different world through an indulgent moment of elegance and glamour. Visit the link in our bio to explore these limited-edition brushes and other holiday offerings this season.

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Featured Image obtained from Artis’ official website