Dancehall recording artist, Konshens is a man everyone needs on his radar. With hits such as “Winner,” “Rasta Imposter,” and more, he’s clearly made a statement in the world of music. Like many, the pandemic hit this artist in a way that not only made his feel different emotions  but allowed him to deep down to best showcase his love for music. We had the chance with Konshens to discuss what it has been like for him as an artist during COVID-19 and much more.

Tell us about the isolation period you had and the different emotions you felt during the quarantine.

I went to Jamacia like a week before the whole world shut down. People talked about COVID-19, but it wasn’t a global thing until March 2020. The world got really serious. First shut down was for a week, then two, then a month, and it continued. All my tours got cancelled. It hit home, it was very much real. That whole time, I was in denial and depressed. That was it for the first three months of COVID.

You created over 70 songs! How did you narrow it down to 18 for the album, Red Reign?

From that experience, I dove into music. It was my coping mechanism but we did a lot of songs in the studio. I got over the fact that COVID was a main thing. The story of the album is basically when that switch hit. I realized that life moves on, you have to go be yourself and be you. That’s how I looked at it when narrowing down the songs. I narrowed it down so that it could tell a story. From the start of being depressed to when that switch was flipped. I got up. All the songs tell a story of exactly what I was going through.

How would you describe being a creative during this time of COVID-19?

For me, it was diving into music. I am just happy to be alive. People have been losing their lives daily, yet I wanted to embrace the fact that I have life. I want to live in the moment and just tap into the emotions I feel. I used the time of COVID-19 to dive into the album.

What are you working on now and what can we expect to see from you in 2022?

Right now, it’s all about the album. It released November 12th. That’s the focus right now. We’re dropping visuals and the tour will kick off soon!

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All images by KP LIndon, AKA KPShotIt