Alexandre Keto shares how he is creating art that depicts the lineage and value of African heritage.

Alexandre Keto is a Brazilian creator and worldwide citizen. His work spans across multiple continents and has a universal message. He creates positive representation through his work that allows us to celebrate, reconnect, and value the African heritage. The depth of his images tell stories that are often left untold. With each brush stroke, he pays homage to a rich culture deserving of honor. HE is a spiritual visionary adapting his passion into reality.

What inspires your creative process?

I am inspired by everything. My main influence is the recognition and celebration of our African heritage. The aesthetic of my work is influenced by African statues in general, but in particular by Bantu, Baole, and Yoruba people. My creative process also includes music, specifically with heavy tribal drummers and strings. I also do a lot of research about the matter I will be creating.

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