Artist, Eddie Moore talks being a cartoonist and the artistic process.

In a new world with so many, “new normal,” it can become easy to forget how to be creative and truly shine. Instead of letting the pandemic be an uphill battle, creatives are using it as a platform. Cartoonist, Eddie Moore hasn’t missed a beat, allowing the world to be in positive light through art. We talked about his style of expression and artists in the current social climate.

How did you get into your style of art?

I think my style of is heavily influenced by a lot of the cartoons I was watching while growing up. I’ve always loved drawing and spent a lot of time mimicking things that I saw on TV or in video games. I was doing a lot of pencil to paper back then and over time had been able to evolve into digital drawing, and methods like drawing on paper and scanning the work in to keep texture. It has been an accumulation of things I’ve learned on my own and picked up at school.


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