The passion you have does not come lightly but given is by faith, Cecil Bernard walks in his gift daily.

As of today, Cecil Bernard is given the recognition he truly deserves. Bernard’s story holds a flame relatable to others who too fell through hardships while growing up, however, his hardships are partially the reason for who he is today. The story that is told is based off of his voice alone holding recognition to his past, but the strength shines as he presents his passion.

Growing up being the middle of five boys, Bernard began painting at the tender age of six while living in San Antonio, Texas. This would be where his teacher would discover his talent through a painting, “a drawing rather of Moses holding up the stick in the wilderness with the snake on it.” As he progressed his passion for art, Bernard moved at the age of ten to Dallas. It wouldn’t be until he began attending high school where he decided to start selling his art. He soon found his niche being abstract with acrlyic art. “My background is well rounded, very spiritual and challenging background as far as challenging you to be the best you can be.” As an outlook, Bernard once stated “Inspired by the struggle, humor, and spirituality in the balance of life I paint usually without a brush.”