South Asian creator, Miilo shares the “huge role” she has to represent her culture with the masterful pieces she creates.

Embracing a room filled with energies, her vibrations are no stranger to the lines based upon a blak canvas. It starts out as a bond filled emotion; her eyes hold no leverage to what she was given to share with the world that could only see beyond her measures when creating. Born in Dubai, Miilo is more than a creator but identified as an artist. Her art speaks for ones loike herself who believe in the passion given to them by thriving off the living. At a tender age, Miilo decided to change locations by moving to America to pursue her passison as an artist. “Moving from Dubai to Charlotte wasn’t all that much of a culture shock for me, the only thing that it was really lacking for me was enviornmental space for me to create it. I didn’t, I felt like I was being held back over there, which is why I needed to broaden my horizon. And futher out, which is where it led me to Charlotte, North Carolina.”

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