Need something to do for July 4th weekend in Los Angeles? Look no further than Arts District Cannabis!

Formerly known as Coast To Coast Cannabis, the art gallery turned dispensary is officially opening its doors on Saturday, July 1st, in the heart of LA’s Arts District. The address is 542 S. Alameda St., located just a few minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

As in every city, the Arts District is known for being the creative and cultural hub of Los Angeles. Which is every reason why Arts District Cannabis plans to bridge the realms of cannabis and art, with the opportunity to feature rising, up and coming artists across the board. Whether it’s music, fashion, painting, photography, you name it — Arts District Cannabis aims to be a platform that allows artists to shine, create freely, and showcase their talents in a major way.

From 10am to 4pm, everything in the store will be 50% off. Too Short will also be doing an in-store appearance at 1pm! The Bay Area legend is a huge fan of the store’s in-house 3C Illuminati OG flower, powered by 3CFarms. In fact, he says it’s the only weed he smokes!

3C Farms has been praised as one of the most potent, high quality flower brands that the city has seen yet, using genetics such as an original cut of OG that was birthed in the late 90’s. From growing in basements of houses in Woodland Hills to now owning LA’s longest-standing dispensaries in the Arts District and Canoga Park.

Packaging on Arts District Cannabis products feature artwork by local artists, who’s art can also be seen inside the beautiful interior of the shop. Current packaging is in collaboration with @asiataber @coriemattie & @vyalone, a perfect example of how Arts District Cannabis aims to highlight dope, talented creatives on the rise.