The Arts, Film, and Goods Pantry Foundation recently hosted a “Holiday Game Night” for Los Angeles-based foster youth at Dave & Busters in Hollywood California. As one of California’s leading foster care foundations, they continued to remain true to their mission – providing activities, resources, and exposure to the children of tomorrow. 

“From Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, holidays are associated with happiness, family, food, joy, and creating memories. And while this time of the year is joyous for most of us, it is not always the same for those not being cared for by their biological parents. It brings upon unwanted trauma that they are forced to feel,” Walker explained. 

“The season can be difficult and may result in the holiday blues. Many foster youths go awol and act out from pain or even bring harm to themselves. Every year, the Arts Film and Goods Pantry Foundation will dedicate time to bring joy to foster youth with a Holiday Game Night at Dave & Busters in many different cities,” she added.

For Arts, Film, and Goods pantry, the purpose of “Holiday Game Night” is to bring joy to foster youth during the holiday season. As a former foster youth, Walker knows firsthand that the holiday season is critically depressing for foster youth. 

“It meant the world to me to see them filled with joy and be free from emotional distress. Together we create a safe place for joy, love, vulnerability, and purpose,” she shared while recalling the impact the “Holiday Game Night” had on the foster youth.  

With over twenty-two thousand foster care youth currently residing in California, Los Angeles county alone accounts for nearly 50% of all of the state’s foster youth. According to data on, nearly 38 percent of the population of LA lives in economic hardship. With those alarming numbers, Walker knew that it would take a village to help get those numbers down. 

“I want to give a special thank you to our sponsors and some of our Honorees of “It Takes A Village.” I appreciate your continuous support for helping foster youth in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles who are thriving in the right direction,” Walker shared. 

Together with sponsors Desiree Paulk, The Shade Room, Danielle Crawley, Honda of Downtown LA, Hyundai of Downtown LA, Lil Durk Neighborhood Heroes Foundation, Grant Cardone Foundation, Casa LA, EFaith LA, The Paul Mitchell School in Sherman Oaks, WACO Theater Center, The Lakers Foundation, Steve Johnson of Netflix, Baby 2 Baby, JMT, Dave Thomas Foundation, Michael and Carol Hart, Founders of ZOE, Dave & Busters Hollywood, Walker created a memorable night that the children will always remember. 

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