For the sake of this moment, I needed to find closure with things I cannot change. Not for the sake of how others would view me, but how I would view myself as a human. A human first, but a woman second. Make no mistake based on my attributions given at birth. I would rather lose the unnecessary than hold onto what I thought could be. Coulda, shoulda woulda’s lead a long line to overthinking, transpiring down the rabbit hole only to see this was never a wonderful land known as the home of the free. Because when I see a voluptuous built beauty who is passed on by man who cannot afford to love themselves. I review her as one who chose not to settle due to size, mindset, or the estranged on how she is viewed. I see a hero waiting to be save. I soon find myself in various ways, I finally find myself within the making seeping in the wakening. Growing from afar, As I interject, correct, and reflect towards your wonders. We impose on each other. Carried steady minds to unwind, I find myself hurting at the thought of being hurt. Our world is no oyster, but an improve to what we can capture during our remain. Meeting the coordinates to our greatest of dreams, no one said the road can starry, without it withering by the ones who cannot accept what we chose to give. Do not ever tell anyone what they cannot grasp nor wish to receive for the sake of bettering the situation. Instead, we pray the downfall of our own than to feed into the seeds to bloom. I’ve too have planted myself where you soon would want to feel needed. Sadly, no one would ever show me right from wrong like I have chosen to show you. Again, I tell you the many times the words of others can persuade in deafer how another’s present is perceived. Yet the most one can say is how they paved a way through attachments in fragmented by their oppressions. Again, I cannot project to the narrow minded, nor the be swayed. For what they have contracted is a heavy mind preferring to tune out what is for them. A life lesson can only be held in a possession by the wanted. Never to need for that we overcome the weak to be freed, someday.