Whether stable or unstable, we all have mental health. Teaching others the vital importance of mental health is just one of the passions of Dr. January. 

 Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in a single-parent home, Dr. January even though an only child, was not spoiled. Dr. January’s mother had a motto: “Get an education, get a job, become self-sufficient.” Her mother was always encouraging while stressing the importance of education and being goal-oriented. 

 Dr. January holds a degree in Special Education, Psychology, Community Mental Health, and Counseling, and has her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Dr. January’s teachings lead young girls and young women to empower themselves. 

Ask Dr. Kay was an advice column started by Dr. January as a stepping stone. It was a column to ask questions about issues and get support and resources as needed. It brought about a little relief without the actual mental health session.

Mental health used to be just a taboo. At the mention of mental health, the first reaction was “I’m not crazy.” The response to mental health conditions came without knowledge. “You go to the doctor for diabetes, to get high blood pressure fixed, so why can’t we be positive about fixing your mind? It’s the same thing,” states Dr. Kay. It has nothing to do with crazy but mental health. 

Dr. January’s book, Lessons Mama Never Taught Me, speaks a lot about life experiences. One of those experiences is abuse. It’s not just women but men are abused too.One in nine men are abused in the U.S.You cannot bully people into getting help. They have to want help. You have to let them know that you are there for support. 

“When interacting with victims, let them know about the hotline number. Let them know that you are concerned about their well-being and safety. Gain their trust.” These are just a few of Dr. January’s tips. She goes on to remind us that not everyone wants to talk about being abused. Mainly because they are embarrassed. When they do talk people’s first response is, ‘Why didn’t you just leave?!’ It’s not that easy. But you do need to have an exit plan. Decide how you are going to get out. 

 If you hear abuse, sometimes the question should be done you want me to call the police? Sometimes the victim does not want to press charges against the abuser in fear of getting beat down again because the police were called.  

 Love does hurt sometimes. A lot of times the victim does not want to leave because it is their main source of income. They may not have the skills to get another job to provide for their family. So what do you do? You stay and take it.

When someone is abusing you verbally, emotionally, or physically and start telling you things like you’re ugly, you will never get anyone else, or you will never be anything, those words begin to sink in and you start believing it. You start thinking it’s true. 

The more times something is repeated to you, you start accepting it. 

In the book, ten phenomenal women shared their stories. They are relevant issues of today. From drug dependency abuse to racism and child prostitution. 

These issues are global not just in the United States. The women’s stories are engaging and will draw you in. It stems back to parenting. If that’s not possible we start from ground zero. 

 Even though life experiences, Dr. January motivates others to know that they can heal. 

What do you stand for? 

What’s right or wrong? 

What’s your premise? 

Mothers are normally the first teachers of the family. It’s our responsibility to make sure that these lessons are taught. Talk more about healthy relationships and how to interact with others. 

Dr. January has spoken in schools as well as juvenile detention centers. You learn that a lot of our youths’ behavioral issues stem from parenting, peer pressure, and no discipline. We must teach our kids morals and values, along with behavior modifications to not repeat the same cycle. 

These lessons are not just for the mothers and daughters but also for the fathers and sons. It takes a village to lay the foundation and be successful in this global society. 


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