A television network that reflects the black culture and urban lifestyle authentically while inspiring an audience is the representation of Aspire TV.  Aspire TV programs content such as reality series, special and independent films, dramas, contemporary comedies, and provocative documentaries. Aspire TV was originally launched by former NBA star Magic Johnson on June 27, 2012, and the network has currently reached its 10-year milestone. To celebrate such an accomplishment, the network had an intimate luncheon to acknowledge the momentous strides taken by the company, the talent, and the contracted companies that facilitated Aspire TV’s monumental superseding evolution.

aspireTV’s new SVP of Multicultural Networks & Strategy Angela Cannon delivers celebratory remarks at aspireTV’s 10th Anniversary Press Luncheon on June 27, 2022 (Photo by Derek White/Getty Images for aspireTV)

The atmosphere for Aspire TV’s luncheon took place at network talent, Chef G. Garvin’s establishment, LowCountry Steak restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Chef G has a show that airs on Aspire TV every Tuesday, entitled G. Garvin Live, where he takes everyday ingredients that are found in pantries to create phenomenal homemade decadent meals, which played a major role in the provided menu and Steller prepared meals and desserts served during the celebratory luncheon. The 10th Anniversary luncheoning was hosted by Vee Prince who also hosts Aspire TV MKTPLC, which Aspire partners with black-owned businesses across the country, to create a marketplace directly connecting culturally conscious businesses with savvy consumers.

Guests mingle before lunch is served at aspireTV’s 10th Anniversary Press Luncheon on June 27, 2022 (Photo by Derek White/Getty Images for aspireTV)

Attending Aspire TV’s 10th-anniversary luncheon was a live demonstration of what viewers gain watching the network. Aspire TV recognized, the screenwriting label, Damn Write Originals, which is responsible for developing a plethora of dramas, and special and independent films that are aired on the network. After speaking with the Damn Write Original’s founder, Nakia Stevenson, she looks forward to continuing their partnership with Aspire TV and creating more authentic and purposeful stories. Among many partners and talents that were applauded for their dedication to upward mobility and 10-year progression of the network, the luncheon was also the opportunity to announce effective company promotions.

(L-R) UP Entertainment/AspireTV Execs, VP, Production and Content Services Julia Lucas, CEO and Founder of UP Entertainment Charles Humbard, EVP, Content Distribution & Marketing Affiliate Sales Hal Rosenberg, SVP of Multicultural Networks & Strategy Angela Cannon, SVP of Marketing Wendy McCoy, Sr. Director Of Programming & Acquisition Tina Rodriguez, VP Compliance, Investor Relations and Reporting Tendai Mashingaidze and VP Content Strategy and Acquisition, Hector Campos at the aspireTV 10th Anniversary Press Luncheon on June 27, 2022 (Photo by Derek White/Getty Images for aspireTV)

During Aspire TV’s 10-year anniversary celebration Angela Cannon was congratulated for her further advancement within the company being promoted to Aspire TV’s Senior Vice President, Multicultural Network and Strategy. Cannon has been with the company for over a decade and was a part of a team on four when Aspire TV was originally introduced. While interacting with Cannon, she expressed that the network superseded the expectations established initially and she plans to continue to supersede expectations over the course of the next ten years. Aspire TV is a network of black excellence depicting positive and impactful stories and content for us, by us. Happy 10-year Anniversary, Aspire TV.

Photo credit: Derek White/Getty Images for aspireTV