Start your year off right, and tune in to the free and highly anticipated “Girl, Get Ready” Virtual Wellness Summit starting on January 13th! Founded by Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin, widely known as Dr. Jada, this Wellness Summit boasts some of the top experts across many disciplines, plus dozens of topics to explore and enjoy. Some of the guests include, Bravo TV’s Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Jackie Walters, Master Abundant Love & Life Coach Rebecca Lynn Pope, Celebrity Stylist Sudi Spence, and many more!

Dr. Jada is a nationally recognized weight loss specialist, wellness expert, and successful entrepreneur of the award-winning holistic, wellness, and weight loss center, REAL Weight Loss and Wellness. Dr. Jada is using her knowledge to give back to the community with her sought-out ‘Girl Get Ready’ event that focuses on wellness instead of sickness, bringing experts together to empower people to focus on what we could control to be happy, healthy and whole. The third annual summit will kick off virtually on January 13th at 7pm EST, and close out with an in-person Wealth and Wellness Brunch at the luxurious Epicurean Atlanta on January 15th.

I caught up with Dr. Jada, and she gave the scoop on why you can’t miss this jam-packed women’s event, the importance of wellness, and her expert advice on leveling up in 2023!

Tell us a little bit about your backstory! What led you down the career path of health and wellness?

I have been in medicine for a couple of decades, and I am double board-certified in Primary Care [within] Family Medicine and also Medical Bariatrics. Most people are familiar with Surgical Bariatrics; I do the medical component, so, non-surgical weight loss. But, I’ve always been wellness-oriented. Before wellness was even a word that was popular, sexy, profitable, I wanted to focus on people being optimally at their best, versus [focusing] only on getting better from a sickness. And I carried that through my career and into the work that I do now as the owner, CEO, and Founder of REAL Weight Loss + Wellness. We are weight loss-focused and wellness-centered. And now that the word is popularized, we’ve got to emphasize the proactive aspect of being well in order to thrive, especially in our community.

I love that you have a passion for helping women towards holistic wellness and abundant lifestyles rather than temporary fixes. What has it been like being an advocate for wellness in this way?

Part of it has been a large educational curve. Really being a champion of wellness, in a lot of ways, is a new concept from what our parents, and our parents’ parents, were taught and faced with in the Health Care System…the ‘Sick Care System’ is what I often will call it. You learn to go to the doctor, and then all of a sudden you don’t ‘need to go to the doctor anymore’ after your parents stop taking you. There’s a big gap between you no longer going because your parents aren’t taking you, to being an adult who now starts going again because you’re sick again. There’s this big gap of opportunity to ensure that you are proactively [and] preventively well over your, really, better years so that as you get older, you’re getting older without sacrificing your health and well-being in those years.

For women looking to level up their health in this new year, what is one strategy that you’d recommend?

One tip would be: to be realistic. In that one thing that you’re realistic about, what you will or can do, is to be consistent with that. A lot of times we want to overhaul everything just because it’s January 1st. And before you know it, you’re back to the same habits as before. And the habits don’t go away just because the calendar changes. A strong will and motivation…is a big step in between. Be realistic about what you can do, and then hold yourself accountable to be consistent with it.

That’s great advice. Let’s get into your “Girl, Get Ready” Summit that’s coming up! Can you share with us the idea and inspiration behind this 3-day event?

I’m so excited. This is the third year, and this summit started in the pandemic. While we were in the pandemic, we were all inundated with dismal, despair, death, disease, displacement…and it became so overwhelming and pervasive. And so, it was just downloaded to me that we need to focus on wellness. I wanted to do something that [took] people away from watching TV, looking at the death count, looking at the hospitals with no more ventilators, and feeling so vulnerable…out of control, and at risk. There’s so many things that we can be doing to ensure that we are well, whether we get that pill that the president had or not, whether we get the vaccine or not. There are things that we can still do, to be very much in charge of our overall health and well-being. So, that summit was the catalyst for that. For us to focus on being well, not just to avoid being sick.

I love that. Not only is the “Girl, Get Ready” name catchy, it’s also motivational, and seems to have meaning behind it. Is there “power” in getting ready?

“Girl, get ready,” is a call to action. Because all too often we say we’re going to do something and jump all in, but there is a readiness that’s required. And from that readiness there’s preparation, and they are two different things. So, I want you to, girl, get ready! For what’s next in your life. Girl, get ready to be well. Girl, get ready to lose the damn weight, which is by the way, the name of my book title. Girl, get ready to travel. Girl, get ready to date. Girl, get ready to be married. There are so many things that we got to get ready for. There’s an attraction element to this. There’s a magnetizing element to this. There’s a manifestation element to this. It’s something about getting ready that positions you for what you get in your life.

You have an amazing lineup of speakers. Were you intentional about choosing who would be a part of the Summit?

I was so intentional. I’m very conscientious about who I’m bringing to the stage. And each year I’m literally given downloads, about what we’re going to talk about and who we’re going to have there. And what I love is that many of these people are just an arms-length away in connection to me, if not directly connected to me. The speakers are absolutely top in their class, in their category, in their expertise, and they are coming to serve. If you look at a topic and say, ‘oh, that’s not me, I’m not in that age group,’ I promise you it’s for you because you are connected to someone else. And they get to be the benefactor, whether they were there or not, because now you’re an extension of me. It gets to be such an amazing ripple effect.

Speaking of topics, you have a range of topics that will be covered from weight loss, to reproductive health, to real estate. Why is the variety aspect of this summit important?

The whole concept with this is to uplevel your wellness in every area of your life. So, with that, I intentionally wanted to expand people’s view of what wellness is. All too often we have categorized it only for [the] physical. Wellness is so much more than that. It has to do with everything connected to you and your environment. We have someone that’s coming to talk about getting up your life. We have people that will talk about dating, and a deeper look at love and marriage. That’s emotional wellness. We have people that are going to be talking about appearance, image, and how to present yourself. That’s occupational wellness, [and] that makes a big, big difference. I’m talking about weight loss, and how to un-struggle your weight loss. That’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness. And even at the brunch, we’re talking about financial wellness, we’re integrating wealth and wellness. We’re showing you that they are on the same continuum. A lot of women that I work with are high achieving, high performing women, and after the bag. But, honey, the bag is no good if you are broken and not any good for yourself. So, we are bringing these elements together so that we are working smarter and not harder. That we are attracting and not [only] hustling and grinding. That we are taking care of ourselves, as well as taking care of others.

What can people expect at the in-person Brunch on Day 3?

That third day is live and in person. Day one and day two are absolutely free, virtual, and at no cost to you. So, you can register from anywhere in the world and join this amazing virtual summit. Day three is our bonus day. Day three is going to be in person right here in Midtown, Atlanta. We’re going to be at the hot and swanky Epicurean Atlanta. We are going to have the most amazing third day of teaching, and we’re going in on wealth, honey. When I tell you I have brought together the most amazing panel of women, these are not just any women. You’ve seen these women on television. You’ve seen these women on blogs. They’re influencers. And they are coming together to share not only principles of wealth and health, but also where wealth belongs to you too. Sometimes, you see people in the mainstream and think, ‘well of course they have it, because they’re rich,’ or ‘they know a lot of people.’ My friends are coming together to ensure wherever you are in your walk, you have access to what they know and you can start from wherever you are. We are going to connect the dots between health, wealth, and wellness.

All three days of this Summit, especially the brunch, sound awesome!

Virtual is going to be amazing, no doubt about it. Being in person, I knew [it] would bring another level of energy because now we are in the physical presence of greatness, and of dutiful, experienced, wonderful, high-vibing women who are committed to the success of other women. I wanted people to be where almost the energy is palpable….where you just can’t leave there the same way that you came.

Is there still space to register for the virtual summit and the brunch?

Yes, there is still room to register. Day one and day two, there is no charge whatsoever. Day three, there is a cost to be able to partake and break bread in the most swagified environment. You’re going to have access to the lavish spread of unlimited food, unlimited adult beverages and beverages of all sorts, networking, and really be able to connect. You don’t want to miss out. It’s only $197 to be with this greatness! If you believe this is for you, make a way. If you are in Atlanta, or can get to Atlanta, get your brunch tickets now!

What do you hope women take away from this jam-packed event?

Getting to where you want to be takes action. Change doesn’t happen because the calendar does. It’s beautiful for us to emphasize ‘new year, new you.’ But, most of us know that by the end of the third week of January, people are back into their own patterns and habits. The only way to see different results is to do something different. So, girl, get ready. This may be the catalyst that you need to take you to your next assignment, to your next level, to your next opportunity. Get ready to be there all three days!

To register for, or learn more about, the “Girl, Get Ready” Virtual Wellness Summit, and the Wealth & Wellness Brunch, visit