What makes a fashion capital? Influence, style, innovative designers, history, and trend setting just to name a few. Atlanta has become home to a thriving entertainment and business scene, allowing for style-woke individuals to prevail through the years. Known for being the “hub of the south,” housing music, culture, art, and luxury retail it’s safe to say Atlanta is finding its place in American fashion.

As more independent designers emerge, Atlanta Fashion Week (ATLFW) aims to showcase these talents and bridge Atlanta into a global fashion destination. Establishing some exclusive partnerships this year including Microsoft, Atlanta Hawks, Martell, and Underground Atlanta; six emerging designers presented their collections down the runway during ATLFW 2022. Microsoft provided interactive technology to engage attendees while the Underground Atlanta housed an event space that highlighted the capital’s rich history in arts and culture.

Tracy Nicole Runway Look
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Brandon Zayden runway look
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Initially it was just a platform for designers to showcase their collection, but eventually we made it even bigger. So it’s not just collections, but it’s also talks, workshops, and provided resources to help designers scale their business” says Angela Watts, Founder/Creative Director of ATLFW umbrella company, Ragtrade.

The city is expected to continue its embrace of fashion aesthetics. Hundreds of designers graduate annually from SCAD Fashion located in the heart of the city. As a proud alumni myself, I know how much the college pushes for students to be daring in their creativity. Many graduates go on to work for luxury fashion houses around the world; while most start their own boundary-breaking brands.

(L) Writer, Taylar Broadnax and (R) Founder of ATLFW, Angela Watts

It’s not just the runway that gives Atlanta its fashion sense, but music and entertainment culture plays a major role. Artist and celebrity stylists such as Gunna, Monica, Future, Outkast, Ciara, Jeremy Hayes, and Naya Ashley have put on for the city.

With a new generation of doers, creative entrepreneurs, and tastemakers Atlanta is well aware of its influence on fashion culture. Also, with continued nurturing, Atlanta is set to shake some things up in the next few years.

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