Tumeko Allen, AKA Bodybyshowtime is a serial entrepreneur in Atlanta Ga. Tumeko has made a name for herself and is now an amazing social media influencer. Tumeko wear many hats and just to name a few she is one of Atlanta’s top 5 ranking Celebrity Real Estate Agents, she’s been in the real estate industry for over 15 years and has serviced artist such as Ne-Yo and so many more! Tumeko is also one of Atlanta’s biggest female fitness trainers. She’s been into the fitness industry for well over 20 years.

Tumeko is also a Natural Pro Bikini Athlete that competed in many bodybuilding competitions and ranked number1 in her category of competitions. Tumeko is a well-rounded women.

Tumeko is also a singer & song writer! To top off one of her many of talents she is currently working on her very first EP that is scheduled for release in spring of 2023. Look out because she is on the rising stars list!

Tumeko has since created her own line of women’s apparel that consist of leggings, sport bras, shorts, jackets, Sneakers, and so much more. To see more of her fitness products follow her on Instagram @bfas. shop or simply visit her at

Tumeko is categorized as a serial entrepreneur, she is a well-balanced individual and her goals are well met in every area of her life. To see more of Tumeko AKA bodybyshowtime. Visit her fitness page on Instagram @bodybyshowtime If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home In Atlanta Ga or any areas of Georgia, please feel free to visit her on Instagram @butterflyrealtyco. Or simply visit her website at