Sugar Popped, Atlanta’s own popular and stylish fashion house, is gearing up for an exciting Spring-Summer 2023 show season with new products and styles for the new year. To freshen up their new campaign, Sugar Popped is looking to hire a style ambassador to work with them this upcoming season.

Find out the latest trends and how they allow their customers to be a part of this couple’s flourishing fashion house. Although you don’t have to be a celebrity to rock this brand, many come through to support the White’s vision in business and wardrobe.



As a married couple in the fashion business, would you say FASHION is your love language?

April: It’s absolutely our love language. That is one of the top things we have in common and believe that’s what got us this far. Fashion is definitely our passion and love language.


Jason, would you agree?

Jason: Yes, absolutely. We love fashion.  When we first met one another, fashion was the top subject we’d discussed.  Fashion is what we enjoy together. As well as shopping and traveling.


So, Atlanta is all about entrepreneurship and fashion, what sets you ( Sugar Popped) aside from the other fashion houses and lines that we see today?

April: One thing that separates us from our brand is the items we sell. They speak confidence, sexy, and give “unapologetic.” Customers know they are going to get items that show their personality. We show our personalities through the brand. That’s what separates us.


I love that!

Jason White: Absolutely! We are always at clubs checking out what people are wearing each season. We do our due diligence as far as groundwork. It’s important for us to see what people want. We bring items to the table that our customers like.


It’s always good to do your homework. In 2023, tell me what’s hot and fresh this spring and summer.

April: We are gearing up for Boho Sexiness right now, we’ve transitioned from the fall looks going into Spring and Summer. We are seeing more BoHo looks in a new sexy way.


I love BoHo, I’m here for that. Although you’re physically located in Atlanta, you do service customers nationwide, correct?

Jason & April: YES, Absolutely. We’ve been selling internationally for the last 10 years. Our customers are worldwide.


Wow! How do most people find you? Social media or word of mouth?

Jason: Both. We often get referrals. Our promotional work through social media works for us. work. We don’t want to tell all of our secrets.  However, we have a lot of different promotional tools that allow people to be aware of our company.

April: Social media is definitely a huge force. We have a large following and our customers support us daily through Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Social media definitely plays a big part.


That’s awesome! Social media is an amazing tool, especially for your line of work. They can definitely see all the clothes and who’s wearing them. It’s free advertisement. 

Can you give one piece of fashion advice to someone who wants to freshen up their look and vibe? Those who want to spice it up a bit.

April: I always say, do not be afraid to show your sexiness. That doesn’t mean less in a sense. It’s about showing off your curves, don’t be afraid to wear something form-fitting. It could be  sexy all at the same time. Some women try to back away from sexy.  We do well with our dresses, lounge wear and jumpsuits. Even if it’s classy, it could still be sexy.


Yes! I love that.

So I saw that you are looking to partner with clothing influencers around the country to showcase your inventory. What do influencers have to do to connect with you both and Sugar Popped.

Jason: We have been working with celebrity clients and television personalities for  over the last 10 years. When we look for promotional assistance from influencers, we want to make sure they have a major following on social media. When I say following, I mainly mean a female following. That’s our target customer.


Is Sugar Popped focused on women’s clothing?

Jason: For right now, yes. However, we are dropping a men’s line at well. We hope that takes off as well. We’ve been having a huge male following due to our featured models.


Oh, I’m sure. LOL

April: To follow up with your question. about influencers. They can contact us via email at

When we look for influencers that are making a variety of content, not just photos. We look for video content, which is very helpful as well. If they do have a small audience as long as their audience is concentrated and dedicated to them, then we are welcomed to it.


Jason, you said you’ve worked with celebrity clients. This is your time to name drop.  Who has been rocking Sugar Popped gear? Who has your drip?

Jason: We’ve had a lot of celebrities’ support. We’ve had Fantasia, great client. Shaela Mitchell-Makeup by Shaela on social media. Another is Porsha Williams, formerly of RHOA and many popular social media celebrities as well.


That’s great! If someone wanted to shop Sugar Popped-Atlanta’s own  popular and stylishist fashion house, what would they have to do to be seen in your clothes. How can they get their hands on the items?

April: We sell directly online on our website and as long as they tag us, we will showcase our customers in the clothes because they are like family to us. So whn they wear our items they can let us know , we will allow them to seen. They get love also.


That’s so dope. I love that. Everyone this is Jason and April White, the owners of Sugar Popped- Atlanta’s own popular and stylish fashion house. Thank you so much for joining me guys. I wish you much success.

Whites: Thank you so much for having us Kendell.


It was my pleasure. You two are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your love language with us and the world. Much success and blessings to you both.