Attorney, wife, and mother, Kandice Guice is a woman that has influenced thousands of women and young girls around the world. With nearly a decade of experience handling commercial transactions for large law firms and Fortune 100 companies,  Guice has committed herself to help others become more aware of their own leadership roles and the importance of increasing diversity in the workplace. We caught up with Guice to discuss the recent release of her digital course, Inking The Deal, the More Than Pretty campaign, and more!

Can you tell us about the release of your course Inking The Deal?

In the wake of the pandemic and social unrest, I noticed a remarkable shift in the spirit of entrepreneurship like never before. People everywhere are now blossoming into entrepreneurs. 

Aside from that, we are seeing added emphasis placed on supporting black-owned businesses. In the process of looking to support these businesses, I noticed stellar ideas and marketing strategies. However, most seemed to be missing key contractual framework necessary to solidify their businesses, protect their brand equity, ensure they got paid, and decrease the likelihood of legal catastrophes. 

 I wanted to make sure that small business owners, creatives, and freelancers truly understood contracts in a way that gave them the confidence to negotiate the best terms for their business while also shielding them from risks and liability. I know that most sprouting businesses aren’t quite ready to invest in having an attorney on retainer. When thinking about how I could give back and help, I thought about making a difference by offering information to business owners looking to level up by protecting their interests. 

 I started doing LIVEs and offering free information to business owners for free. The feedback  I received based on the tips I gave was phenomenal. That’s when I realized there really was a need and a market for sharing legal information specifically related to business contracts. 

  I created Inking the deal to help with that. As an attorney working at a Fortune 100 Company, I manage more than $40 million in commercial contracts per year. Inking The Deal leverages my experience in an easy to understand format that allows small business owners to gain a better understanding of the types of contracts they should know about, when they should be used and implemented, and how to ensure they get paid.  The value of this guided course is insane!  Course participants get seven step by step video modules explaining the ends and outs of contracts.  Users also get an e-book that provides quick references to information on the fly as well as a workbook that allows users to apply what they’ve learned to their specific business needs. The workbook Includes activities, checklists, and more!  Finally, course participants are given access to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions, network with other participants, and access a constant hub of information.  

Tell us about the More Than Pretty Campaign.

After graduating from law school, I  accepted a position in my hometown. Being back home stirred up a lot of thought and emotion regarding my life’s purpose and how I could fulfill it from my small city. I contemplated my own experiences and the community leaders that positively impacted my life. I wanted to be what other people had been to me growing up. I felt like my dreams and who I am as a person were nurtured by people that came in and helped open my eyes to a world of possibilities that I may not have otherwise considered. 

All of these thoughts led me to create a pipeline for diversity and inclusion for African American women and children by establishing  More Than Pretty Campaign. More Than Pretty Campaign is a nonprofit organization that works to increase diversity and inclusion of African American women in areas of STEM, corporate leadership, government, and community activism.  Through this initiative, I  host workshops, talks, and curated events intended to shift the world’s perspective on female leadership. 

This initiative focuses on two main things. The first is creating opportunities for African American girls to learn about career opportunities they may have otherwise not known about and introduce them to minority leaders who can inspire them to dream big. The second focus area is creating a network for African American women who are already in these aforementioned industries. 

We’ve still got a long way to go as it relates to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Establishing strong connections with similarly situated women is a great way to stay in the fight while working together to initiate change.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I’ve got a ton of exciting things coming down the pipeline in 2020, but I am most excited about the release of my devotional, Prayers of a Goal Getter.  

Highly ambitious women are always emptying the tank as they strive for success. From my personal experience, taking a quiet moment to tap into spirituality and fill my cup with mediation makes all the difference.  I’ve compiled a chunk of prayers into a powerful book sure to motivate and inspire career women and entrepreneurs to stay the course. It’s for everyone from stay at home moms who are on the verge of leaping into something just for them, to women who are climbing the corporate ladder and need a little push to get there.  The devotional is scheduled for release in October and I cannot wait to see the impact that it has on others. That’s what’s all about.

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