There are so many amazing products being released this month, whether its makeup, skincare, or hair products, we’re loving every second of it and you should too! We’ve covered all the makeup and skincare releases happening this month but all the hair products coming out this month are too good for us not to share! Check out all of the new hair products hitting the shelves this month and let us know what you’ll be purchasing!

photo obtained from EVO Hair

Evo Curl Collection, $29-$36

This exciting new collection from Evo includes five-curl products that will hydrate the hair. There are two cleansing products, a treatment, curl balm, and curl definer. It was created in order to moisturize the hair while defining those curls without that sticky or crunchy feeling we all know and hate.

photo obtained from Sephora

Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush, $100

We’re more than positive this new tool from Amika will be just as great as the rest of their hair tools. This new lightweight blow dryer brush was designed for all you beauts out there that hate holding your blowdryer and having tired arms whild doing it. Let’s get that salon blow-out without breaking the bank. It has mixed bristles to grip the hair for that voluminious, silky hair look. In addition, it also has three different heat settings to adjust to different hair types.

photo obtained from Walmart

Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Collection, $9 each

Neutrogena has just hopped onto the hair wagon. The brand has just released a new collection of shampoo and conditioners. There are four pairings to cater to different hair types. There is a Hydro Boost for those that have dry hair or scalp and a Clarify & Shine for those who’s manes need a little nutrients. In addition, the Gentle & Soft cleanses, hydrates, and restores scalp balance for the hair, and last but not least, Soothe & Calm addresses flaking and dry skin on the scalp.