Everyone loves a great book for the summer months. Indulging in a great novel while on the beach or reading chapters while away on work travel are great ways to escape into literature.  Authors such as Michelle Williams are excited to share their stories with you.  Michelle is on a mission to have her “Hot Author Summer” as she connects with book lovers.  Writing a novel is just half of the creative fun.  Connecting with readers and further your art of storytelling is the other part of the creative fun.  

“I always look forward to meeting people, hearing their stories, building connections, and networking. Meeting other storytellers is also a great plus for me as an author as well,” Michelle expresses.  Michelle is taking to the literary streets this summer with many events in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.  Not only is she hosting her own women’s empowerment conference but she is joining an author pop up shop at Urban Reads Bookstore this July.

Here’s what Michelle shared about her author journey, her current novel, and the importance of sharing Black stories: 

What motivated your author journey?

“I was spiritually  inspired to be an author. I kept saying “God, what is it that you would have me do? What is my purpose? Is there something you want me to do?”  I remember after my divorce in 2011 feeling so discouraged, insecure, broken, battered, betrayed and so on. When I went to therapy about 2 years later, I was able to really unpack some childhood trauma that I had suppressed.  I had feelings of not being good enough, looking good enough, and a lack of confidence that absolutely played a part in my relationships as an adult. That lack of confidence eventually went into my relationships and marriage when I didn’t  feel good enough and was looking for love in all the wrong places. I became a people pleaser. I was a people pleaser who felt comfortable with that. About 3 years ago, I kept saying to myself, I have a story to tell, I want to help women with their CONFIDENCE, I want to share my story, and I know it will help women. But is anyone really interested in my story? But maybe it can help the young girl or the older woman struggling with finding themselves? The feeling would not go away and around the middle of 2019, I started journaling and writing thoughts but would always try to talk myself out of it. It wasn’t until 2020 when I had a lot of time alone with my thoughts, (oh boy were they loud and would not go away). So here I am telling my story with the expectation that it will encourage, motivate, guide women to do the work within, deal with past hurt, heal from it, get up, and NOT get stuck in those feelings.”

How does your novel resonate with adult book lovers?

“The novel resonates with adult lovers. particularly those born in the 70’s – 90’s,. who know and have experienced colorism within the Black community. I think for many of us we didn’t really know what it was back then and looked at it as bullying and just plain old mean people. The novel is relatable in every since to the young and old in past and present tense, people will say “oh yeah I remember that.” 

Why is the art of Black storytelling important for our culture?

“No matter who you are or where you come from, the human spirit wants and needs to be validated. While storytelling means so much in every culture and ethnicity, I know that Black folk, no matter how they got here, are planted in story and shared lived experiences. It’s the way we witness. Storytelling is the heart of cultural sustainability. The telling of our stories 

evokes revelation within and intimacy without.  It is how we connect, and an 

instrument for passing on legacies that come  from  the hand and heart.  It can tell us 

how we got to the edge and it is what can bring us back like the natural transition of 

night into day.”

How can readers connect with you?

“I can be reached on the following networks:

FB: Michelle Confidant Williams 

IG : Michelledivastyles 



Michelle Williams is telling her story each day that she shares her experiences with us.  Her reflection on her past, present and future have allowed her novel adaptation to transform others in and around her immediate community.  Her story is a testimony of not giving up and not succumbing to the ills of the world.  “Storytelling is used to build, change, transform and sustain,” she adds.  Connect with author Michelle Williams as she explores her Hot Author Summer this year and beyond.

Writer, Chaundra Scott, is an MSW, Mom, authorpreneur and freelance writer.  Connect with her online at