Every family has secrets, but some family secrets are nightmares—something no one could imagine would have happened. Surviving your family’s abusive past is never easy … especially when you remember everything that happened like it was yesterday, while others in the family seem to forget. This is the case in the shocking, unbelievable, and tragic story and events that took place in the book, My Dysfunctional Secret Family, by author Ruth Curry. The author takes you back in time into her life where her family struggles were real and sexual abuse ignored. Shedding light on Southern Black family secrets is a no-no, but for author Ruth Curry it is lifting a weight off her shoulders.

In a recent interview, we caught up with author Ruth Curry to get to know the woman behind today’s bestselling book.

Was it difficult telling your story or reliving the events in your book?

That’s a hard question, but not really. The story was in me, and it had to come out.


Has there been any healing in the family?

I really do not know, because none of my children have responded.


How did you cope with the secrets of your family past abuse?

It took me a while, but I felt like the story needed to come out, and so I told it the way I saw it, and that’s all I can tell you. I had to focus on what I knew and what I had been through and I felt like it just had to be told. My kids really did not know a lot of that stuff that I went through.


Do you feel more black families have similar secrets?

Yes, and I don’t think it’s told as often as it should be told. Because really we are not thinking about ourselves; we have already been through it a lot of times. We are thinking about the other folks’ children that need to be told and need to consider how they are going to survive, and I just think more parents should tell it. I think years ago I should have said it and I didn’t say anything. I just kept it to myself.


What would you say to someone who has suffered abuse in their family?

I would just tell them, baby hold on. It is just a part of life and it’s a part that you have to deal with. No one else can do it for you but you got to be strong, you got to be committed and you got to be determined and that’s all I can say.


What do you want the reader to take away from reading your book, My Dysfunctional Secret Family?

I want the reader to know that my family was not the only one. There were a lot of families out there going through stuff. I just think that, once you have gone through stuff like that, it should be told not only to the public but your children.


What recommendations do you have for someone suffering from their family secrets?

Speak up and say what is going on.



Author Ruth Curry has poured her heart and soul into telling the world her experiences in hopes that her book, My Dysfunctional Secret Family, can help someone else heal from their family secrets as she has and continues to heal by speaking her truth.

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Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash