Morgan A. Owens used her voice as an influencer, blogger, and now TV Host to share her knowledge, expertise, and so much more to bridge the gap between brands and individuals that felt they were part of an underserved audience.

Can you tell us who is Morgan A Owens outside of your bio?

Morgan: Morgan Angelique Owens outside of the bio is still a force to be reckoned with. If you know my story, I strive to be the same Morgan Angelique Owens you see behind the bio. However, she may be more transparent. I do my best to highlight my tough days as much as I celebrate my wins. It is very important to me as an entrepreneur to show that entrepreneurship can be hard, really hard. A lot of entrepreneurs may portray a life online that is perfect, but it is not. It takes sacrifice, determination, thick skin, and passion.

You will also see the side of Morgan that loves to travel, indulge in self-care, dance at home in the mirror, and snuggle up with my dog Ralph 🙂

As an author, what led you to write your first book, and can you tell us a bit about it?

Morgan: I decided to write my first book, “Finding My Sparkle” because I was tired of people thinking they knew my story, so I wrote my own. I struggled with low self-esteem and negative body image growing up, it took me a long time to truly love myself from the inside out; or what I like to call it, my sparkle. People often tend to use their past as a reason why they aren’t successful, I wanted to share some of my most uncomfortable moments in life to inspire others to find their inner sparkle.

I decided to write a glimpse of my story, in hopes it saves someone. Saves someone from quitting, giving up on themselves, and being stuck in self-doubt. Pieces and stories of my life that have made me, me. It’s not all pretty and perfect, looking back now, even embarrassing but I wouldn’t change anything – it took me a long time to even say that. I had to go through it, to get to where I am today and ultimately where I want to be


Going from author, speaker, and brand ambassador to now a TV show host, did you find the transition difficult or more of a flow that remained in line with what you were already focused on?

Morgan: Honestly, it’s been one hell of a ride. A ride I never thought I’d be on. It was a seamless yet challenging transition. As an entrepreneur we often do things scared, it’s in those uncomfortable and risky moments that we see the biggest growth. Everything that I have done has been rooted in a “need.” A need to amplify an often underserved audience, Black Women. I feel in each of the things I do, whether it be speaking on a national stage, having a national book tour, or even developing content for a brand – I help amplify and give representation to an audience that often gets overlooked.

What was the motivation to launch The Morgan Angelique Show, and what does your show primarily focus on?

Morgan: I woke up one day in May 2022 and said, “I need my own talk show.” The Morgan Angelique Show is something that Cincinnati and the region were missing. A talk show focused on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle aimed towards an often underserved and overlooked audience. The Morgan Angelique Show not only inspires viewers but educates viewers in the fields of (but not limited to): beauty, fashion, health/wellness, financial literacy, and more.


What would like our viewers to gain from this interview?

Morgan: That this is a sign to execute whatever you’ve been wanting to do. You have to believe in the vision before anyone else can see it. Go for it.


How can people connect to learn more?

Morgan: You can find me on Instagram @morganangeliqueowens, Facebook: Morgan Angelique Owens, YouTube: Morgan Angelique Owens, and my website,

Photo Credits: Morgan A. Owens