The initiative, “Academy Dialogues: It Starts With Us” creates a space for the discussion of inclusion, and of how to bring systemic change to Hollywood.  They address the importance of having a vision, investing in yourself, and building a business brand by taking control to tell new and authentic stories.
The launch of this new virtual series will include topics such as race, history, gender, ethnicity, and the art of filmmaking. They will have a discussion that’s long overdue about affording better opportunities to underrepresented groups within the industry.
Tune in to listen to Whoopi Goldberg, Lulu Wang, Lee Daniels and many others over the conversation of maximizing opportunities for people who are usually ruled out. The conversation, titled “Academy Dialogues: Owning Your Brand,” features founder and CEO of the Black List Franklin Leonard, producer Debra Martin Chase (“Harriet”), and M88 president,
managing partner and co-founder Phillip Sun who walk us through their professional journeys and finding success outside of the traditional Hollywood system.
Check out the exclusive clips from Ava Duvernay below: