Black AT&T executive David C. Williams was named Black Engineer of the Year for his for creating a tech that saved 40,000 employees jobs with his “work from home” robot and completely altered AT&T’s entire company. However, with great power comes even bigger responsibility and David saw it as his mission to not just climb the success ladder but to provide the same opportunities for others to do the same.

Can you tell everyone, who is David C. Williams?

I am an anomaly, from the poorest corner of Dallas, TX. I lost my father to suicide at age 8 & I’ve been working exponentially ever since. Currently, I lead the most amazing automation team on Earth. We have the three largest Robotics Process Automation programs worldwide. I have a book & cryptocurrency that will both be released later this year.


What does it mean to be named Black Engineer of the Year?

Receiving the Legacy Award was more than a dream come true. However, I felt like it was important for me to not put this trophy on the shelf, rather bring it with me & show young students they can do the same or better. That led me to partner with a community engagement organization, Urban Specialists, and we created the Tech Mentor Tuesday solar robot workshops.


Tell us about your mentorship program Tech Mentor Tuesdays and what led you to create it?

To whom much is given…

Upon winning the Legacy award at the 2021 Black Engineer of the Year Award conference, it was imperative to utilize this amazing opportunity to help others. My team & I quickly partnered with Urban Specialists, a community engagement organization, to offer something new to underserved communities. The result is Tech Mentor Tuesdays (TMT). Once a month we bring an exciting workshop to students that empowers them to learn about solar energy.  During each workshop we hold group exercises to build solar robots, teach the importance of valuing their young creativity/ingenuity, & then we gift the solar robots to the students or facility. It’s such


Can you tell us about some of the programs that are offered and what ages can join the program?

 Our TMT solar robot workshops are designed for students 8 to 18 years of age. However we’ve held sessions with adults, and ingenuity & excitement fill the room in those team-building moments as well.


Where would you like to see Tech Mentor Tuesdays in the next 5 years?

I’d like to see TMT expanded to where the students who are building the robots become regularly delivering. We’re making new relationships with great partners to reach this goal soon. We are very clear about our vision and the intentionality in which we are pursuing this goal. We have momentum, discipline, & love in our hearts. We’ll get there in time.


How can people partner with Tech Mentor Tuesdays?

 Anyone can contact us or donate at

We’re taking the (work)shop on the road, going to New Jersey, Louisiana, & also overseas.


What advice can you provide to those that are interested in engineering and/or starting a mentorship program?

For engineering, I would recommend they have a love for critical thinking. Often, critical thinking is developed & honed thru math, but that’s not the only path to nurturing critical thinking. People learn from experiences. There was a little girl who was in a TMT workshop. As her group was building their robot, a tire broke. She then used the tape from the packaging to fix the tire. And won their competition. Wow!

Problem-solving at its finest.

For mentoring, you have to start with a true passion to see people do better today than yesterday. This means that as a mentor you are willing to take action today, not tomorrow.  And lastly, you truly are willing to help elevate others higher than yourself. All mentors may not achieve such height, but as a mentor, you have to try to push as many as you can.


What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview?

– To know that we must lift as we climb.

– To know that Tech is just as much of an option within reach as is football, if not more. There is no “draft” that prevents anyone from entering into Tech.

– To know that no matter how tough life may be, the universe is pulling for you. If you have the will, you can develop the skill.


How can people connect with you?

Website –

LinkedIn & FB – David C. Williams

IG – @davidchrisglobal

Twitter @dcwglobal

Photo Credits: Gary Allridge