Atlanta educator Junior Bernadin recently launched The Diversity Dollz, a collection of 10,00 diverse NFTs dedicated to supporting women of color in various areas like Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professions, special needs, and Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). This unique NFT concept is all about improving Diversity & Inclusion in under-represented segments of society.

“Each Diversity Doll is uniquely generated from over 180 possible traits, including nationalities, skin tones, hairstyles, outfits, eyes, and more,” said Bernadin, who a 2022 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, and the Dean and IT Director at The Ron Clark Academy (RCA),

“Some Diversity Dollz feature themes that include but are not limited to: STEM, HBCUs, autism, cerebral palsy, mental health, NF, sickle cell, diabetes, cancer, vitiligo, auditory and/or visual impairment, and much more. Regardless of the rarity of combined traits, each NFT sends an important message about the beauty of diversity and why representation matters.”

The Diversity Dollz NFT collection is part of Openexus’ “NFTs for a Cause.”, which are designed to bring awareness to various philanthropic causes and empower its community to support these causes.

The mission of Diversity Dollz is to address some of these issues while encouraging exceptional talent and ideas from women of color. A portion of the proceeds will go into a foundation where NFT holders can vote on various initiatives and activations.

Many folks really want to be involved with helping worthy causes that target underserved areas like STEM, but don’t know of a place or hub dedicated to supporting these important causes.

NFT’s are part of Web3.0 and enthusiasts are very motivated to make sure that it is not dominated by a few, but that it will be inclusive of Woman of Color and all underserved groups of society that want to be involved. This is often called the next generation of the Internet, as it resides on the Blockchain.

At a recent press event, Gavin Wood, who coined the term “Web 3.0” in 2014, made these comments, “Web3 is really sort of an alternative vision of the web, where the services that we use are not hosted by a single service provider company, but rather they’re sort of purely algorithmic things that are, in some sense, hosted by everybody. So, it’s very peer-to-peer. no one really has any advantage over anyone else The idea being that all participants sort of contribute a small slice of the ultimate service.”

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The Diversity Dollz

The Diversity Dollz NFT is a collection of 10,000 diverse PFP NFTs that are unique digital collectibles dedicated to “women of color”. Many of us want to help great causes that target underserved areas like STEM but don’t know of a place or hub dedicated to supporting these important causes.  Diversity Dollz looks to address some of these issues while encouraging exceptional talent and ideas from women of color. Diversity Dollz helps “bridge the gap” in a modern and fun way. The Diversity Dollz NFT is a badge representing your passion for giving to the women of tomorrow! This badge will also represent your ID for special activations, events, and initiatives.

About Junior Bernadin

Junior Bernadin is the dean of students, IT Director, and House System Expert at the highly-acclaimed Ron Clark Academy (RCA), an innovative middle school and educator training facility. He has helped to train over 100,000 educators from around the world to learn better ways to engage students, increase academic rigor, and create a climate and culture for success. Bernadin is a Haitian-American from Miami, Fl. that has a B.A. degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and an M.S. degree in IT Management from Regis University. He has also held certifications as a Promethean Certified Installer, and Microsoft Certified Professional. In his role as the Dean of Students, he works with the cofounders in carrying out the RCA’s culture and climate.