Azalea Banks, known for her unfiltered comments, recently made a comment expressing her gladness regarding the passing of DC Young Fly’s partner. While it is essential to approach such matters with fairness and impartiality, it is equally important to condemn any form of harmful wishes toward others. Let us delve into the situation while maintaining a respectful stance on the matter.


Five years ago Azalea appeared on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out, where DC Young Fly is a member of the cast. During his improve line, she claims his jokes hurt, and made her cry. But this didn’t stop her retaliating, claiming he lives in “a $750 a month apartment” and the show was the highest he’ll go in the entertainment industry.

When DC’s partner Jacky passed away, the mother of his children, Azalea stated the below on her Instagram story:


Damn. DC Young Fly spent years disguising his own deeply rooted hatred of self as jokes pointed at women’s beauty.

Projecting his own feelings about his own ugliness unto women perfectly secure in their own skin 

Say what you want about my tear. They were pure tears of rage.

And not at all a sign of weakness.

Because in the end…I won.

I’m happy I cried and moved on.

That Jackie O girl must have been so deeply insecure about herself.

And the nerve of DC to call such a gorgeous woman as Azealia Banks…ugly on National television while a bunch of Black people laughed. 


And ironically, Dead at 32 exactly on my 32nd birthday, May 31, 2023

In Miami, FL.

You n***as are going to learn to stop f**king with me. 

I don’t think anyone gets how much the press from that episode derailed the success of “Anna Wintour.”

I came to sing my song and go home and only at the request of my label. 

Then the stupid butch queens on stage behind me basically making a mockery of it being a “gay” song. 

Fake voguing behind me in their drags like they aren’t all RAGING homosexuals. 

That thorn in my side is finally out. 

No way in hell I was blessed with this many gifts. This much talent and beauty to be a cultural punching bag for a cast of peons who wouldn’t have a pot to piss in if they didn’t have the court of social media addicts to jester for. 

I do this in real life D**klickers. 




Now, Azelia seems to be trending for reasons she may not have expected.

Disclaimer: This article aims to discuss the issue with a balanced perspective, condemning harmful wishes while promoting positive discourse. It does not endorse or support any individual or their actions.


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