Black Girls aim to do many things and telling our stories in our eloquent voices, written with our spirited fingers, and presented in our unrivaled style, is what we will do. 

Black Girls is a Never Whisper Justice Films story that follows a hyphenated and heroic collection of women such as, Allyson Felix—the most decorated track and field woman Olympian of all time, Reclaiming UGLY Author Vanessa Rochelle-Lewis, SÜPRMARKT Founder Olympia Auset, creatress of #1000BlackGirlBooks—Marley Dias, Jacqueline Alexander Sykes, a visual artist and director of St. Elmo Village and New York Times bestselling author, Alex Elle

Through a mosaic of intergenerational healing that traces the spectrum of advocacy, this chaptered unveiling gives us all permission to be our whole selves. “As uncertainty becomes a cultural norm, Black Girls highlights how necessary it is to invest in Black stories, if we dare to create a world that honors each other in unprecedented ways,” B. Monet declares. 

Black Girls is award-winning filmmaker, B. Monét’s debut feature documentary following her debut short film, Q.U.E.E.N. Black Girls is serving as a visual anthology on the expansiveness of Black Womanhood and how the corners of intersectionality can bring us all closer to the edge of a new beginning. Documentary filmmaker award winner, Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, WNBA Player Tina Charles, and CEO of Never Whisper Justice Films and Black Boys film producer, Jon-Thomas Royston, comprise the team of Black Girls producers. 

The Black Experience on Xfinity boasts that this is where we are and where you should be. An uprising and succumbing to the independent Black storytelling by Black storytellers, from highlighting the Black education experience to showcasing the dedicated work of indie filmmakers. Once the phrase Black Experience is said using your voice remote, hit shows and movies endorsed by the African American Film Critics Association will be at your fingertips. In a recent DEADLINE article, SVP and Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Cable explains, “When we launched this channel, our goal was to facilitate the discovery of films like Black Girls, while providing a platform for emerging Black content creators and talent that would allow them to reach new audiences.” 

Tap into Black Girls via the Xfinity Channel and XUMO and connect with Director B.Monét on social media.

Photo Credit: Provided by B.Monét