One of the most anticipated nights in music history has happened and we are finally reaping the benefits. After two whole decades, baby girl is here! At midnight Aaliyah’s 1996 sophomore album, One In A Million was released on all streaming platforms.

Once it was released the princess of R&B began to trend on Twitter immediately! She is now the #1 trending topic in the United States on top of Twitter giving Aaliyah her an emoji hashtag. Only after a forty-five-minute post-release, Aaliyah’s numbers were through the roof.

According to Spotify at the time, One In A Million is over halfway to 6 million streams! Fans gather through social media to discuss their favorite tracks and share countless gifs about her music. One fan took to Twitter,

Even though this is just one album that has been released fans have not forgotten that her next album release is set to takeover streaming platforms once again on September 3rd.

The Romeo Must Die Soundtrack is set to release that day with Aaliyah’s self-titled album Aaliyah following that next week. Her album has debuted number one on iTunes R&B/Soul album chart!

The album has 18 tracks with over an hour of music from one of the purest artists to grace the music industry.