Baby Tate deserves all her blessings, and her artistry is living proof that dreams do come true when you work hard, stay true to yourself, and walk in your truth. Standing for all things female empowerment, the Atlanta native has since exploded into the forefront of the music industry, creating nothing short of bangers in the realms of R&B and rap.

This year, Baby Tate unveiled her highly-anticipated EP title Mani/Pedi, home to singles “Ain’t No Love” featuring 2 Chainz and “Do Better,” which she premiered live on the 2022 Soul Train Pre-Show Awards. Serving as her first major label debut with Warner Records, Baby Tate has shown tremendous growth both sonically and visually, constantly elevating her sound, her visuals, and of course, her undeniable fashion sense.

Sheen spoke with Baby Tate moments before her headlining set at the legendary Roxy on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss.


How’s it feel to be here in LA? You’re about to perform at the legendary Roxy?.

I know, it feels really good. The last time I was here at The Roxy, I was opening up for someone: Leikeli47.

She’s so fire!

I was about to tell a funny story, but I’m not. [laughs] So now to be just me on the stage, there’s no other name out there. It just says Baby Tate! So I’m really excited about that. I’ve got a lot of family that came out to see me. My mom’s here, my aunt’s here, my brothers live here. They’re coming out, I’m really excited.

It’s the holidays, it’s a good vibe. 

Yeah, I love Christmas. It’s perfect.

Do you ever get nervous for your shows?

Sometimes I do. It’s really weird, it depends on what the space is. Sometimes for festivals, randomly I’ll get a little bit nervous because so many people. But for this, I was slightly nervous because I heard some of the people that were coming tonight. [laughs] But I’m excited.

What’s your favorite song to perform?

“Differences” is definitely my favorite song to perform. It’s so high energy. I don’t really give off mosh pit vibes. But if I did, I think people would do a mosh pit. It’s really one of thoses.

I see you’re moving to LA. Are you excited?

I am. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’ve never lived anywhere but Atlanta, but I am excited. I was doing a bit of shopping today and walking around. Okay, I can see myself here.

You dropped the Mani/Pedi EP, how excited are you?

I’m super excited. I always love to put projects out because it’s something about a body of work besides the singles. It’s different. I’ve really been enjoying the response from it, and I’m so weird. I’m always like okay, what’s next? I’m ready to start working on my next project, but I still got work to do with this one. [laughs]

What’s one thing you want fans to take from this project?

I really hunkered down on self-love and self-acceptance on this project, because really it’s about finding that balance within yourself and accepting that balance. Sometimes some days I will be a little bit petty, and maybe I shouldn’t have said that. But some days, I’m on my happy, high-spirited, manifesting positivity vibes. Having that balance and knowing that it’s okay to be both. Knowing that just because you cut that lady out there one day, that doesn’t mean that you’re not on a positive journey. It doesn’t negate from that.

Talk about linking with 2 Chainz on “Ain’t No Love,” that’s so legendary. Congratulations.

It is, thank you. 2 Chainz is just so cool. I really appreciate him because growing up in Atlanta, 2Chainz is huge. That’s such a big deal. Every verse that he does, every person from Atlanta knows every 2 Chainz verse. I was at Escobar the other day for their six year anniversary, 2 Chainz invited me out.

His music, the DJ was playing a lot of his features. Every single song, it’s like another one! Another one! I felt really grateful that he even wanted to get on my song.

What was the best memory from that video shoot?

The dancer Coco on the pancakes, that was fun. But also really, dancing in the gas station. It was funny because when we got in there, my feet was hurting because we had been dancing all day. They said “Tate, do you want to sit down on this chair?” Some gas stations, they have a little casino inside. I was like, ew no, I don’t want to sit on that chair. I don’t know who’s been sitting there. I’m fine. I’ll just stand. Then we start shooting again, and I get on the floor of the gas station. What the fuck? How did I say no to the chair and then yes to the literal ground at the gas station.

You were living in the moment!

I was. The energy just took over, I don’t know what it was. 

How often are you getting your nails done?

Honestly, not as often as I need to.

They look good as fuck.

Thank you so much, I just got these done. Especially in the new year. I’m trying to be more strict about my personal regimens and being more disciplined with how I treat myself. Because that’s a very large part of how you treat other people, how you move in society is how well you treat yourself and how disciplined you are to yourself. No, I’m not going to do me like that, I will get my nails done. [laughs] That’s something I want to start doing in the new year: get my nails done every two weeks. I told my mom I want to go to a spa every month.

All the way glam duck or chillin’ in sweats?

Chillin’ in sweats. You see me right now. [laughs]

How’d you feel debuting “Do Better” at the Soul Train Awards? 

Oh man, I was so nervous. That was one of the ones where I got really nervous. This was my first nationally televised performance of my own, so I was super, super nervous about it. It was freezing out there, Vegas was so cold. It was adding to the nerve, literally standing outside performing. But I was super grateful that for my first TV performance, it could be one where I’m singing.

How are your fans liking the singing Tate?

I think my true fans already were very similar with singing Tate. But what I’m very grateful about with this project is the amount of new fans that I’m getting, and them realizing like “oh shit, I thought she was a rapper.” I just make music girl.

How was it performing “I Am” at the Hawks game? 

That was really fun. I honestly had a really great time. Unfortunately, the microphone was not in the arena, so only I could hear myself. That was fun. They were very apologetic and was so sorry, I was like it’s okay. I just know that when you guys invite me back to perform at halftime right.

Anything you’re excited for which we look forward to?

I’m really excited to start making new music. I’m about to start producing again for myself. I’m super super excited about that.

Photo Credits: Scrill Davis