Hot girl summer has left the chat room and Fall fashion will be knocking at the door sooner than later. Now is an ideal time to gear up on fierce coats, seasonal styles and textured accessories and get out of that loungewear you’ve been rocking since quarantine! We’ve geared up some of the coldest power suits to go back to the office (or outside) in style.

When should you wear one?

On those days when you wake up feeling in charge and willing to turn heads demanding the room’s attention.

● Interviews

● Sales and business meetings

● Presentations

● Social events

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While shoulder pads won’t make you more powerful, it does bring a sense of self-worth and authority. Since WWI, the era of the New Woman brought changes in our wardrobe. More women were entering the workforce- which meant shorter hemlines and separate work-wear appeared to follow suit.

These days, more unconventional power suits are being designed- some that can’t necessarily be seen in the office, but all for the love of fashion.

Featured Image by Soheil Sohi