Getting back to your roots is alluring if your ancestors hail from another part of the world. You will probably feel the magnetic pull of your real home at some point. In fact, you may want to relocate to the land of your ancestors and start afresh. The good thing is that many countries ease the journey for people who can establish their origin in them. Italy sets one of the best examples of citizenship by descent, and you can check Bersani Law Firm website to understand how the process works. But relocation is perhaps the last step when it comes to reclaiming your roots. Let us explain some practical tips to embrace your ancestral culture.

Talk to older family members

Your parents or grandparents can be the best source of information for tracing your bloodline. You can build a family tree with their guidance, so take your time for a long conversation about your background. Consider verifying facts with extended family if your parents or grandparents are not around or do not have much helpful information to share. Tap as many sources as possible without worrying about the hard work because it is likely the most exciting part of the lineage puzzle.

Consider a DNA test

A DNA test is an excellent idea if you have a hunch about your ancestral roots being elsewhere, but no one is there to answer your questions. The good thing is that testing kits are easily available and provide fairly accurate reports, with the percentages of your potential ethnic heritage. The reports may take a few weeks or months, so be ready to wait with patience. You can even take the test to corroborate the information from your relatives.

Visit your ancestral land

Visiting the country of your ancestors is a good idea as it enables you to connect with your culture and heritage. You may even land in the city or comune of your relatives, and find your extended family. Remember to dig deep in local offices, and gather essential paperwork, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates of your ascendants. These documents can be valuable if you plan to claim citizenship by descent (as in the case of Italy).

Learn the language and customs

Whether you travel to the land of your origin or find more through internet research, learning the language and customs strengthens the connection. You can join a language school, pick a course online, read articles about the local customs, try your hand at the local cuisine, and switch your dressing style. Embracing these simple changes can help you blend in effortlessly once you move to the country.

Explore citizenship by descent

Tracing your roots in a country with the citizenship by descent option is a stroke of luck. If your ancestors hail from Italy, you can claim your citizenship rights by Jure Sanguinis. But ensure going through eligibility requirements, exceptions, processes, paperwork, and timelines to plan the road to citizenship. Also, collaborate with an expert to show the way. The good thing about claiming citizenship by descent is that it qualifies your family and the next generations for an Italian passport.

Embracing your ancestral culture can be far easier than you imagine, provided you know your facts and plan for it. Try these simple ideas to enjoy your journey back to the roots.

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