Sept. 27 2023 – In the most recent episode of Apt. 5H, Bag Fuel hosts Esso and Hynaken make an appearance to clear the air and provide answers to the questions podcast enthusiasts and fans have been waiting for.

Esso and Hynaken talk to DJ Self and Bianca Torres, finally breaking their silence on what exactly occurred behind-the-scenes of My Expert Opinion and why they stopped appearing on episodes. Watch the full episode as the Bag Fuel hosts get candid about what caused their departure from My Expert Opinion, talk about their recent interview with fellow former MEO co-host Sean Bigga and much more.

Don’t miss this explosive episode of Apt. 5H and make sure you catch up on other episodes with guests such as Sleepy Hallow, Sugarhill DDot, Lola Brooke, Fat Trel, Finesse2Tymes, and the viral Eats snack segment with Jim Jones!

About Apt. 5H

Apt. 5H, hosted by DJ Self and former XXL Magazine managing editor Bianca Torres, is a talk show that uncovers the more personal side of guests who have made a mark in their respective fields. Apt. 5H has gained a reputation for its in-depth and candid conversations with influential personalities from various fields.

With its engaging format and insightful discussions, the show has become a must-watch for audiences of all ages. From interesting snippets and in-depth interviews to freestyles and an unconventional snack segment, the show provides an engaging platform for guests to share their experiences, point of views, insights and inspirations.

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