MUAH! If you have yet to hear of Bali Baby, prepare to fall in love. Unapologetic, confident, beautiful, and talented are a few words to describe her, but don’t get it twisted. The Atlanta, Georgia native creates some of the most hard-hitting, turnt up, diverse records in the music industry, exploding onto the scene with her 2016 breakout smash “Designer.”

Now, Bali returns with her highly-anticipated new album titled BALIPRINT, just one day after her 25th birthday. Clocking in at 10 tracks deep, with an appearance from her crew The Playgirls on the closing track, the project is paired with a cover art depicting these labels in the factory building another Bali Baby, because she didn’t want to sell her soul!

Speaking on the inspo behind the title, Bali states, “So many of these rappers (MALE & FEMALE) came out literally taking the Bali blueprint, from style to flow and even down to the drip! So I had to drop a mixtape to show the kiddies how it’s done! :)”

Having spent 2 years out the game being a MILF (becoming a mother), Bali immediately returned back to the studio with a vengeance.